How to be a Good Leader

How to be a Good Leader

Leaders are vital to any organization. They create a culture, lead their teams, and manage resources. But what makes a great leader? Here are eight tips, according to educator Jonathan Osler to get you started:

Be a good listener

A good leader listens to their team and others. They don’t just issue orders and expect everyone to comply. Leaders take the time to understand what’s going on and how they can help. This allows for effective communication between leaders and their teams.

Be a driven leader

Leadership is about being driven by your goals and desires. If you’re not focused on meeting the needs of your team or the organization, you’ll quickly lose motivation and respect. You have to be a leader who never gives up on your team or the organization.

Have an understanding of the organization and its mission

Leaders need to have a clear understanding of the organization and its mission. They need to communicate with the team, make decisions, and manage resources.

Have strong leadership skills

If you want to be a great leader, you must have strong leadership skills. Leaders can lead teams to success, but they also need to manage their own time and resources. If you can’t handle your own time and work, you won’t lead an effective team. Leaders must be able to communicate effectively with their teams, keep track of deadlines, and take control when needed.

Be able to motivate and inspire your team

A great leader knows how to motivate and inspire their team. They know how to get their team working hard and achieving results. Leaders also have a remarkable ability to see the bigger picture and know when to call a halt to work.

Build a strong team culture

Strong team culture is essential for a good leader. A team is like a family, and a good leader creates a supportive environment in which team members can thrive. To be successful, you need to have a great team. Leaders who are always looking out for their team members are often more successful than those who don’t.

Lead by example

Leadership is about setting an example for your team and the company. You must be willing to lead by example and set a good example for yourself. You must be willing to take risks and make unpopular decisions. As a leader, you need to be ready to put your stamp on the company and help it grow.

Have the ability to manage risk

Leaders need to be able to manage risk to lead their organizations successfully. They need to be able to identify and assess the risks that their organization faces, and they need to communicate these risks effectively.


According to educator Jonathan Osler, if you want to be a good leader, you have to be a good listener. Leaders should be able to empathize with their team and understand their needs. They should also be driven and able to motivate their team. Lastly, they must have strong leadership skills, build a strong team culture and lead by example. All of these things help a leader be successful.

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