How to Choose an Urn That Reflects a Loved One’s Personality

How to Choose an Urn That Reflects a Loved One's Personality

The passing of a loved one is never easy. As you grieve, you’ll need to make some decisions regarding final arrangements. One of those is selecting an urn for your loved one’s ashes.

When you lose someone dear to your heart, the small details and memorialization take on profound meaning. An urn that reflects their essence helps keep their memory alive and brings some comfort during a devastating time. Taking the time to choose just the right vessel for safekeeping your loved one’s cremated remains is a cathartic act of love and remembrance.

Browse Urns While Considering Their Life and Interests

The first step is to reflect deeply on all the qualities and quirks that made your loved one special. What were their true passions, interests, and hidden talents? What funny memories do you cherish the most? Carefully jot down the descriptive words, phrases, and stories that truly capture the essence of their spirited soul. Did they have a lifelong affinity for the outdoors and making the world a little more beautiful? Were they known far and wide for their colorful personality that lit up every room? Were they always on the go, living life to the fullest? Immerse yourself in your fondest recollections, allow the emotions to flow, and let those precious memories guide you to the perfect urn.

Use Your Notes

Next, browse the urn selections while keeping your notes nearby. Notice shapes, symbols and materials that remind you of the one you lost. For example, if they were a free spirit who found tranquility in nature, a scattering urn that easily releases ashes outdoors could be fitting. If music played a meaningful role in their life, an engravable urn in the shape of a guitar, piano or clef note may resonate. Or if they had a favorite flower or animal, find an urn accented with it.

Consider Display Location and Personalization

As you evaluate options, envision where the urn will be displayed after the service – whether that’s on the mantle, a bookshelf, or a niche. This will help determine what size and style works best in that spot. An urn’s color can also reflect personality, like vibrant hues for the wild at heart or coastal tones for a water lover.

Consider All Shapes and Sizes

Don’t limit yourself to traditional urn shapes if they don’t quite capture your loved one’s essence. Some companies offer custom urns shaped like vehicles, sports equipment, architectural structures or even everyday items like boots and tools. Or you may discover an artisan urn handcrafted from glass, wood, metal or ceramics that speaks to you. If interested in personalization, many urns can be engraved with a meaningful name, quote, tribute or design.

Listen to Your Heart When Selecting

The most important thing is choosing a vessel that helps keep your memories alive while showcasing what made your loved one special. As you make your selection, listen to your heart and remember the delightful moments you shared. Finding that perfect urn may take some time and exploration – but when you come across the one, you’ll know. Like your loved one, it will have an energy all its own.