How To Combat Climate Change With Furniture

Although many may wonder why sustainable furniture is so much better for the environment, here is why. Of course, getting rid of the furniture a person has now would not be sustainable. The best way is to use it as long as a person can and then donate it. Before going to furniture stores that are usually unethical and sometimes use real leather for furniture, try second-hand stores. This allows people the opportunity to at least try in regards to getting something that was already used. Of course, more furniture might have some discomfort like bugs or other disqualification, but nevertheless, it’s still a remarkable way to stay in the environment. If everyone used second-hand stores, there would be no market for extremely unethical brands. Those like Helen Schifter make sure that the brands she uses are sustainable and ethical in many ways. It is unfortunate to see large corporations take over the “sustainable” market by not actually having sustainable clothes or fortunate. 

With the internet being pretty much infinite, there are always sustainable brands that are available. The first place to always check on is Etsy. They have reclaimed furniture that is gorgeous and out of this world. One of the most unique aspects about the reclaimed future is that they are one of a kind. Why spend thousands of dollars on a basic, mundane couch when there are less expensive,and more hand crafted furniture out there. With people being more and more enticed with the idea of sustainable furniture, it’s clear that the market will grow. Luckily, a good amount of furniture is made or constructed from wood. So, headboards, shelves, tables, and benches all have multiple lives.A lot of these materials are outstanding and bring a unique flare to  anyone’s home.  In addition, Etsy has hundreds of sellers to choose from because of the very opn business ideas they have. These sellers are usually artists  or extremely crafty people. Their work can take months to complete which is why it’s so critical to support them during this time.

 If Etsy is not one’s cup of tea, then West Elm is an alternative site to go one. They are FSC certified and made in the United States. The furniture is also fair trade and eco-friendly. The prices are definitely running from low to high, but there is certainly something on there for everyone. The designs are very modern and offer many options for those who want to show in an eco-friendly manner. Next, Burrow is also an option. They are much lower prices than West Elms and are only online. They use eco-friendly materials and clothes, recyclable packaging, non-toxic products, and are also made in the United States. These are all very wonderful sites to choose from. Helen Schifter highly recommends checking out their websites for more information. The larger number of people that use sustainable futures, the bigger chance the market has to take over non-ethical brands. 

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