How to Get your Makeup Container into Professional Makeup Cases

Standing out in the cosmetics industry takes more than just a great product—it takes a great brand. One of the most effective ways for a brand to stand out is with packaging design. The more people notice your brand because of its great packaging, the more opportunities to gain new customers you’ll earn. Word-of-mouth marketing is a powerful tool for cosmetics brands looking to establish themselves as household names, and packaging is a great way to get people talking. Below, we’ll share some creative packaging tips that might just get your makeup onto more vanities, and maybe even into professional makeup cases. For a more in-depth exploration into creative, innovative packaging, check out this guide.

Make a Statement with Cosmetic Containers

Packaging should tell the story of the product inside as well as the brand as a whole. To design the best cosmetic container for your beauty brand, think about what your brand stands for, and how it expresses itself. Is it bold and daring like Supreme’s lipstick packaging? Or perhaps classic and timeless like the iconic Tiffany & Co. blue box? No matter what, the best brands make sure that the packaging containing the makeup is a conversation starter. For example, MAC x Jeremy Scott’s future-retro makeup collection includes a cohesive set of incredibly creative packaging—the eye shadow palette is shaped like a boombox, the lip palette a cassette tape, and the blush a CD.

Build Brand Appeal with a Creative Cosmetic Box

Creating a memorable unboxing experience is a great way to build brand loyalty and awareness. When reviewing makeup via video or a blog post, many beauty influencers will start with showing the box it comes in, opening it one step at a time until they’ve reached the makeup itself. Cosmetic packaging that delights layer by layer can get people talking, and it can even go viral if you provide something really unique. The extra time and cost of putting together a memorable, personalized branded box experience has the power to seriously boost the perception of your brand. Best practices include printing customized branding on the box itself and organizing the products inside with unique, sustainable materials (think branded tissue paper or die-cut paperboard). Like a few of the examples in this list of 18 beauty subscription boxes, it also helps to include reusable accessories like a branded makeup bag or cosmetic pouch.

Choose an Expert Cosmetic Packaging Supplier

Whether you’re just starting a cosmetic line or an experienced brand planning to launch a new collection, partnering with a great cosmetic packaging supplier is a must. A packaging company with extensive packaging expertise is crucial in order to take advantage of all of the possibilities of creative packaging and really make your makeup brand shine. Not only should packaging suppliers help build reliable, sustainable packaging, they should also have a team dedicated to packaging design. Different companies have different capabilities, so it helps to have a basic idea of the packaging concept, materials, and finishing effects that you would like so that you can find partners who fulfill these requirements.

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