How to Keep Your New Outdoor Toys Protected

As a result of the lockdown, outdoor furniture and outdoor play equipment sales went through the roof. Families who invested in new equipment have already benefited and have gotten a good return on their investment. With autumn now upon us, we can certainly expect wet, windy weather to return, causing damage and inconvenience.

In order to prevent your play equipment from becoming damaged during the harsh winter months and to ensure its safety next spring, it is crucial to protect it. Now is a perfect time to take action and you have many ways to do it in a practical way.

Cover With Tarps Or Canvas

As far as protecting your outdoor toys from the colder weather and the rain in the spring goes, this is one of the easiest and most cost-effective methods. If you are going to cover the toys in a single area, you can either bundle and cover the toys together or you can cover each toy individually. 

Put Them Somewhere Safe From Weather

Garden sheds aren’t for everyone, but they do appear to be a popular choice. You can use them to store toys if you convert them into lawn equipment shed. You should just be careful how you store lawn equipment if you can’t store it elsewhere. You don’t want your little ones playing with dangerous items. 

Everything sharp, including lawnmower blades, rakes and spades, belongs in the garbage. Below are some storage tips and advice for garden furniture and equipment.

Keep the bigger toys in boxes or buckets while the smaller toys are stored in riding toys such as trucks, tractors, and trikes. To prevent water and dirt from accumulating in the toy box, drill holes in the bottom. You can store buckets, shovels and other small outdoor toys in large buckets with rope handles. Pack them up and store them in the shed easily. It will be easy to pack away garden toys if you arrange everything properly.

Rent A Storage Unit To Keep Them Out Of The Way During The Off-Season

You may want to consider the use of a storage unit if you are interested in keeping your garden clutter-free during the winter months. Keeping them in good condition and preventing them from getting damaged has to be one of the best ways to ensure they are in the best shape possible. There are many things that can be stored in storage units such as Christmas trees, but if you already have a unit you can use it to store other items. 

Do Regular Maintenance Checks

Although it would be nice for children’s toys to last a lifetime, it is inevitable that they won’, They may outgrow them and you could sell them on or they may become damaged/get missing parts and you need to get rid. One of the best things for you to do before storing your children’s toys does regular maintenance checks. This way you can repair any that need it, get rid of any that will be no good for next year, and only store the ones you need. 

Hopefully, this post has helped you when it comes to protecting your kid’s toys. Do you have any other tips that could help?

Chris Turn

Chris Turn