How To Make A Great Impression As A Wedding Guest

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Going to weddings can be some of the best weekends you have with family and friends. There are very few events with entire friend groups that have scattered around the country unite at once. Making a great impression at a wedding can be important especially if you are not familiar with your friend or family member’s significant other. First impressions can mean everything and the stakes are driven up with the fact that it is at a wedding. The following tips can help you make a great impression as a wedding guest. 

Impress Others With Your Dancing

Dance classes can really help you have a great time on the dance floor at a wedding. Knowing how to dance is imperative at a wedding as otherwise you will be hanging out and socializing the entire time. This does not mean you need to spend hours dancing but you should dance a bit. You will most likely know what type of music is going to be played so you can prepare yourself. The ability to go to a wedding and being able to salsa or some other popular version of dancing can be fun while turning heads.

Always Be Appropriate

Weddings are a place where people interact with each other from both sides. Refrain from telling stories about your friend that might be deemed inappropriate. You can speak with your friends however you’d like but make sure other guests do not hear questionable things you might say. Don’t be that person that harasses people of the opposite sex as some people look at weddings as a potential hookup scenario. If you have to wonder if something is appropriate to bring up, it probably is not. 

Don’t Drink Too Much

Drinking too much at a wedding can be quite easy as you are dancing and potentially thirsty. The fact that there are open bars at some weddings makes it a dangerous combination. Make sure that you have a good time but moderate yourself. Nobody wants to be the wedding guest that is asked to leave due to being too intoxicated. Keeping a date in check is also important as there have been plenty of receptions ruined by dates a person barely knew. 

Dress In A Stylish Way Without Going Over The Top

A very nice suit or dress can be stylish without making a huge statement. The wedding is not about you but rather about the people that are getting married. The last thing you want is to have everyone talking about your wild outfit rather than the bride’s dress. Getting a suit tailored can make a huge difference. Make sure you are also dressing for the weather if it is a wedding outdoors in the summer. This can change the material that you dress in as you do not want to be constantly sweating. 

Being a great wedding guest can lead you to make the list for invitations for additional weddings. There are even some people that go with various people as they are such a good date and have fun.

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