How to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

How to Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

Public speaking is an excellent skill to have. It is a skill that everyone should practice and perfect in their daily lives. Whether you are applying for a career in the medical field, selling yourself as an expert in your industry, or just trying to express your opinions more clearly to someone who may not be familiar with them, this skill can help you out on many levels which is why it is a necessary one to learn and master. Here we will discuss how you can overcome your fear of public speaking and how you can perfect this skill.

Choose a Topic You’re Passionate About

If you choose a topic that you are passionate about, then this will come naturally. It will make your story more exciting and motivate you to share your enthusiasm with others. This will help you get over your fear.

Think About the Public Speaking You Enjoyed

Think about a time when you were comfortable in front of a group sharing your opinion or ideas. When you can recall these instances and relive them, it will help you overcome the fear preventing you from doing this again.

Practice Beforehand

Practicing your speech beforehand will allow you to know your material inside and out without having to keep checking notes or a manuscript. This will also ensure that you don’t get nervous about forgetting things that are already memorized, giving you more confidence when it is time for the real thing.

Show Your Passion and Enthusiasm

When you are passionate about something, your motivation to speak outgrows, and you can even feel the audience’s energy and pick it up, making it more interesting for the listeners. The audience also picks up on this, and they can get excited to hear more. Speak clearly and with confidence without getting ruffled at all times.

Watch Videos of Successful Motivational Speakers

The great idea is to watch some of the best and most famous speeches of all time on YouTube. These speeches are often concise, only 30 minutes. Watching them will stimulate your mind and help you to find the way that works with your personality and background. This is a fantastic way to get over the fear of public speaking fast for those afraid of facing a group of people in front of an audience. You can get so much out of videos like these which help you forget about it instantly once you have finished watching them.

Use Visuals to Help with Memory

The more visuals you use and the more things you can point at, the easier it will be to remember what you are saying. For example, if you have a massive crowd in front of you and something important is happening that you want to talk about, a picture of a person will help your audience see it as well. If there are materials that you want to share or show to your audience, bring them along with you, and don’t forget them.

Have Someone Review Your Presentation

Have someone go through your presentation and tell you what they think. See what advice they have for you and if they believe it is too long or if you should take out certain parts that don’t seem necessary. This will encourage you to complete the task ahead of you.