The Odd Connection Between a Watch, a Building, and a Shoe

Electronic watches have been around since the 1950’s and today are more popular than ever. The Accutron was the first and most prominent of these watches. Its quickly developed window model exposed its guts for the world to see. This was a controversial decision for the time, but it wasn’t long before they were globally recognized.

In its rise to fame Accutron watches even made their way into space. Although their influences back home may have been even more important. Richard Rogers and Renzo Piano developed the Centre Pompidou, a building that was inside out. Initially seen as a stain on more classic architecture it eventually grew to be loved.

This building, inspired by a watch, then inspired one of the most important shoes of all time. The Nike Air Max 1. Designer Tinker Hatfield looked at the Centre Pompidou as inspiration for his inside out bubble design. The transparent air bubbles are iconic and prevalent today, but at the time were generally unheard of. 
This watch, this building, and this shoe all have one thing in common. Moving the inside out, turning a design on its head. All three have gone on to immense success at least in part because of this decision. It is only yet to be seen exactly how many others have utilized this principle to great success. One thing’s for sure though, that’s one odd connection between a watch, a building, and a shoe.

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