How to Use PPC to Expand Your Reach

Pay per Click (PPC) is one of the most famous forms of digital marketing in today’s world. It has emerged as a highly effective tool in the world of online business due to its easy execution and immediate results. However, it is also no secret that many businesses have spent a lot of money on PPC without accomplishing any worthwhile outcome. But having said that, PPC, in the long run, is here to stay. It effectively means that those who failed to make the most of PPC lacked depth and guidance. In this piece, we are going to spell out some prominent tried and tested methods that will ensure maximum traffic to your websites by using PPC campaigns.

  • Thoroughly Researched Keywords

There is a reason why we have listed keywords on top of the list. Keywords lie at the core of your campaign and you can’t afford to go wrong with them. You have to put in all your efforts and research before going ahead with this task. 

Here is what you should consider while listing down your keywords:

  • You should fit in the words which go best with your products or services. If you are someone who has recently started a business in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), you can get a better idea of industry-related keywords by searching down the keywords of your competitors or leaving the job with a Dubai PPC company. Their local experience will come handy in devising the right pay-per-click strategies for your brand in the UAE.
  • Most people make the mistake of just stuffing popular keywords in their PPC ads. While frequently searched words are important, you can’t overlook the ever-important long-tail words. You got a lot of similar businesses to compete with.
  • Making a list of negative keywords can dramatically cut your budget because they ensure that your ad reaches the only relevant audience. Since negative keywords filter out unwanted audience, the conversion rate of your PPC ads will be on the higher side. 
  • Make the Most of Ad Extensions

One of the biggest reasons why people fail to get the best return on their investment in PPC campaigns is that they leave ad extensions unexploited. Since it’s a relatively new addition in the AdWords, a vast proportion of businesses is unaware of its significance as well as usage.  

Ad extensions allow you to go beyond texts and add other business attributes like location, field form, call button, etc. In other words, you can occupy a much larger space on the pages of search engines and appear as giant as compared to your rivals. 

It is a well-documented fact that about half of the total internet traffic is being generated through smartphones, tablets, and other hand-held devices. So without making your ads mobile-friendly, you can’t fancy garnering much traffic. Ad extensions are a groundbreaking initiative to turn your PPC campaign mobile-centric and get the maximum juice out of your energy and investment.

  • Create Time-Sensitive Ads

Filters are one of the standout characteristics of Google Adwords. You have the freedom to be almost as specific as possible and more specification makes it easier for you to target your preferred audience. 

The best time to extend your reach is not when people are sleeping but when they are active and browsing. Guess what, you can tailor your PPC ads in accordance with the optimal hours of your business. 

All you need to know is the active hours of your industry. That’s about it. You can vary the timings of your ads accordingly. If you are starting a long-term PPC campaign, you can easily skip the holidays or other dull days and remain active for the rest of the seasonal days. 

  • Create an Appealing Ad

It’s the most crucial stage and if your ad fails to charm people right away, they won’t take any further action. Plainly put, the ad could be a gateway to more sales or a dead-end. It is up to you what you make of it. 

Since you won’t have much space to explain everything at length, being right on point is going to be the key. If your offer is related to Christmas, your ad must reflect that. To some extent, it will test your writing skills as well.  

You might be tempted to be overly creative here. Well, you may allow your creative juice to flow but there should be a method in the madness. Nothing more, nothing less; just about enough to grab the attention. 

  • Refine Landing Pages 

People will click on your ads only if they want to know more about your offers. So your landing page must stand in line with whatever you are making. Moreover, it is not always about what you say but how you say it. So the design and structure of your landing page equally matter. For example, an unclear call to action button will ruin all your hard work and the traffic will bounce back without converting. 

The Final Thoughts

You might have come across baseless claims like PPC is expensive or difficult to operate. Frankly speaking, it is none of both and the above explanation stands as a testimony to that. If you are well-versed in pay-per-click, you are quite likely to find it as the most profitable type of digital marketing for your business.