How You Can Improve The Value of Your Home and Your Quality of Life

People are spending as much time at home than ever due to social distancing restrictions. Some are worried about their health while others have been enjoying working from home and copious amounts of delivery food. The extra time spent at home can be used to improve the home you live in. Improving the value of the home and your quality of life simultaneously should be the goal. Renovations and improvements over the years will be important come resale time. The goal should be to find improvements that pay for themselves, improve your lifestyle, and increase the value of the home. The following are improvements and additions that can improve the value of the home and your lifestyle. 

Pool Area With Deck

Entertaining outside near a pool can be the ultimate luxury. The pool area is not just for entertaining but can be used for personal relaxation as well. Pools are far more practical in warmer climates unless you plan to spring for an indoor pool. The aspect that you have to think about is heating a pool in colder climates as this can be expensive. Maintenance costs vary depending on the size of the pool and area you live in. Electricity bills will increase from running the pool pump daily which is recommended even when the pool is not being used. An outdoor kitchen around the pool can be perfect for parties where you won’t have to worry about spills in the home. Your current deck could suffice but you might need to look into Raleigh power washing to make it look as good as new. 

Shed or Gazebo Added to the Property 

There are people that use their detached garages for a myriad of things. Some use this as an entertainment area while others turn it into a workshop. A shed can be used for a number of things as well as deluxe sheds can be quite large. A home office can even be run out of a shed as long as electric/internet are run out to it. A gazebo that is enclosed with screening can be great on any cool night. A small fire pit that can be found online or at stores like Lowe’s can make those cold nights a bit warmer. Relieve your stress by enjoying the outdoors while being protected from the elements. 

Replace That Carpet

Carpet can be tough to maintain and it can seem like a full-time job with kids/pets. Installing tile could be the answer as this is hard to damage and easy to clean. Wood flooring takes maintenance and will have to be replaced after a period of time. Faux wood tile is a great option if you want the classic look that wood flooring gives a home without the maintenance involved.

Focus on the improvements that both make your life better and increase the value of your home. Create a list of improvements that you would like to make and get started saving!