How Zoom Became so Popular

How Zoom Became so Popular

Zoom, a cloud-based conferencing platform, has emerged very popular within the past few years. Founded by Eric Yuan and launched in 2011 has witnessed a steady growth with a pleasing upward rise in popularity from 2016. The majority of the population believes that Zoom developed in the CoronaVirus period, which is not the case since the platform had a nine-year existence before the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world. In this article, we will take a look at some of the things that led to the massive popularity of this platform, beating its well-established rivals such as Microsoft teams, Google meet, and Cisco’s WebEx.


The simplicity of the platform is the primary factor that led to its increased popularity. As Alexander Djerassi emphasizes, the simplicity of a product is a significant selling point. Yuan created this platform intending to create a less complicated system in mind. The mission of Zoom was to create a ”friction less” video communications platform. Yuan drilled the team to uphold simplicity in its creation. This platform is easy to use since one does not need a login to access a meeting and its interface is quite appealing. It is easy to set up, use and do other vitals such as changing the background. This simplicity made it so popular with the people, and it soon became common to hear people say ”Let’s zoom”.

Need for teleconferencing during the pandemic

The CoronaVirus pandemic came with some world-changing necessities. With the restrictions put to curb the spread of the virus, lock downs were implemented, and restriction of movement. With these restrictions, it became difficult for people to move to attend classes and important meetings; therefore, the need for teleconferencing grew with a booming percentage. With Zoom being the easiest and most effective platform, it became the most probable option among its competitors.

Customer experience

Zoom’s customer experience made it possible to beat its competitors. With the increased need for video communication during the pandemic, many people could meet and finish their business effectively in a simplified manner. A free version of Zoom can hold a conference with up to 100 participants in a 40 minutes conference call. Alexander Djerassi, an entrepreneur, and a foreign policy expert, commented that customer experience is vital in the company’s growth. Furthermore, Zoom’s CEO improved customer experience at the beginning stages of the platform by communicating and replying to every customer who wrote to him.

CEO’s experience

Eric Yuan, the CEO at zoom, was previously a founding engineer at Cisco. His experience at WebEx, one of the leading Zoom’s rivals, was a factor in the growth of Zoom. Yuan had a deep knowledge of how video communicating platforms perform. He left the company to create a more simplified customer and mobile-friendly platform and managed to stick to his vision and mission, which has been a significant factor in the platform’s growth.

The popularity of Zoom did not come as an overnight success. It has been a rigorous and well-planned process that was revolutionized by the strike of the Covid-19 pandemic. Through the points illustrated, you can now understand why and how Zoom became so popular that it is common to hear people say ”Let’s zoom.”

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