Importance of Working an Internship in College

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When a student is in college they have a chance to learn and gain experience. An internship can help a person get the experience they need to go along with the degree. Diego Ruiz Duran knows that college is important but so is the internship. According to Duran, it is important to work an internship while in college.

Gain Work Experience

Working in an internship will allow a person to have some experience and learn some things that they may not get in the classroom. They will gain real work experience and they will learn a little bit more about the jobs. There are skills that a person will learn and they will be ready to enter the job field.

Find a Career Path

An internship will allow a person to explore a career path. They can determine if the job is the right choice for them. If they do not like it they can change their minds later on. This will allow a person to decide if the field is right for them and if they like what they are going.


The internship will allow a person to have an advantage when they go to get a job. They will have experience in addition to their degree. This is something that employers are looking for. They already have an idea of what is expected of them when working in the field. This will also allow a person to have a higher starting salary in some cases than a person that did not complete an internship. Some people are even lucky enough to be hired by the company they had their internship with once they graduated,

Meet Professionals

Many people get their jobs through networking. They meet those in the field and when a position opens they are considered. An intern will be able to meet many professionals in the field. They will make some connections that will help them get a job when they are done. They will learn from professionals around them and they will learn what they are looking for in a candidate. The professionals that a person meets during their internships may be able to help them get a job in the future. They will have connections to professionals in the field that will give them an advantage. This is the main point that Diego Ruiz Duran wants to get across to readers, because networking is crucial for future success.

Gain Confidence

An internship will allow a person to gain confidence in their skills. They will have some experience and will have some more confidence when they go into the workplace. They can apply what they learned in the real world. They will also get some help from other professionals along the way. This way they do not have to worry about making a mistake once they are hired.

These are some of the benefits of attending an internship when a person is going to college. The internship will allow a person to gain experience in the field. They will have some of the experience to go along with their education.

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