Is A Cloud-Based Phone System Right For My Business

Most business owners have the same question when they see others moving to cloud-based phone systems. Before we jump into deciding if a cloud-based phone system is appropriate for you, let us tell you what it is exactly. 

Simply put, a cloud-based phone system provides an effective and reliable way of communication through the cloud. You don’t need a landline or a mobile to make a call. A cloud-based phone system is also known as Internet calling.

With time, the popularity of cloud-based phone systems is increasing as businesses rely more upon cloud storage across all aspects.

What Is A Cloud Phone?

A cloud-based phone system works the same way as a conventional telephone for making calls. One or more offsite secure data centers host cloud phones, and you can use a cloud-based phone system on various devices. Be it traditional phones, smartphone apps, VoIP phones, or computer software, any device can make a connection. Rather than managing all the data on a server, a cloud-based phone system allows you to store all the information in the cloud.

Companies using cloud-based phone systems save costly maintenance as the cloud is way more cost-effective than any hardware.

How Is A Cloud-Based Phone System Different From A Traditional Phone?

Traditional phone systems rely upon public networks. The modern telephone systems also work through VoIP and sometimes through Internet connections. On the other hand, cloud-based phone systems have taken the concept of using the Internet to communicate a little further. On a cloud-based phone system, voice communication is routed through the Internet. Instead of any device, you can use cloud calling for voice communication. Cloud-based phone systems are way less expensive than VoIP traditional phones.

What Are The Most Lucrative Features Of A Cloud-Based Phone System?

The only reason companies are shifting to cloud-based phone systems for their daily communication is their features. Remember that while using an analog phone, you get some limited features. But while using cloud phones, that’s not true. You can add and update features as they become available on a cloud-based phone system to make your communication more efficient.

A Cloud-Based Phone System Allows You To Have: 

Video Conferencing: While working remotely, video conferencing is inevitable as it’s a reliable and easy-to-access way of communicating. Many cloud-based phone systems offer video conferencing within their package so that you don’t need to pay extra for the feature.

International Calling: Making international calls for free using a conventional telephone system is impossible. As cloud-based phone systems use the Internet, you can ignore paying long-distance charges while receiving and placing international calls. International calling is a free feature of most cloud phone packages.

Artificial Intelligence: Artificial intelligence is being implemented in every aspect of our modern life, and a cloud-based phone system is no exception. A cloud-based phone system allows you to perform different activities using speech to text and sentiment analysis functions.

Instant Texting: Text-based communication is a part of every business, and a cloud-based phone system allows real-time communication. Additionally, it can be run through several devices, including smartphones, desktops, and computers. With the instant texting feature, you add an additional communication layer to make your company more responsive.

Call Forwarding: Call forwarding is taking all the calls in one number and then redirecting them to another line. A cloud-based phone system allows you to forward calls, and you can receive calls to a single line and transfer important and necessary calls to specific phone numbers.

Other Features Of A Cloud-Based Phone System Include:

  • Unified Communication
  • Ring Anywhere
  • Auto Attendant
  • Voicemail To Email

The benefits of cloud-based phone systems are numerous. If your business relies on many traditional phones, it is time to adopt a cloud-based phone system to save cost and boost operations.