Marijuana Legalization Trends

The legalization of cannabis in the US has gained significant momentum in recent years, with 42% of states allowing recreational use and 37 states allowing at least medical use. This trend is expected to continue in 2023, with more states legalizing marijuana at the state and local levels. However, there are still two states that do not approve of CBD or marijuana use at all.

The public’s perception of marijuana use has also shifted, with 60% of Americans supporting medical and recreational use, 30% supporting medical use only, and only 10% not supporting legalization. These changes have resulted in significant economic growth in the cannabis industry, with the industry projected to generate billions of dollars in revenue.

Despite the increasing acceptance of marijuana use, legislation surrounding marijuana and CBD remains in flux. The laws surrounding cannabis are complex and differ from state to state. Therefore, businesses in the industry must remain informed about the ever-changing cannabis  legal landscape to avoid running afoul of the law.

Moreover, some challenges remain, including the need for standardized testing methods to ensure the safety and quality of cannabis products, ensuring social equity in the industry, and addressing concerns about the use of marijuana by minors. In conclusion, while the legalization of marijuana is gaining momentum, it still faces challenges that need to be addressed in the years ahead.

Cannabis Legislation by State