Medical Care During COVID: What You Should Know

The world has been changed by the Coronavirus pandemic in a variety of ways. Social distancing has made it difficult for some people to receive the medical care that they need. There are those that are too afraid to go into a medical office due to the potential of contracting the virus. Others are just waiting for the pandemic to subside although recent surges in infections have made this timeline extend. Medical care has changed in huge ways during this time. The following are things that you should know about medical care during COVID. 


Telemedicine has seen a huge boost in business during the course of this pandemic. Laws were modified to bill virtual visits at the same rates as physical visits. Doctors used to have to be licensed in every state that they practice telemedicine. These restrictions have been relaxed as there were shortages of doctors in less populated areas. The systems that were set up were made for this type of situation. You can do everything from a checkup to getting medicine prescribed online with a virtual visit. 

Telemedicine is going to continue to thrive as people have tried out virtual visits that would have never otherwise done so. More medical care providers are offering virtual visits as they want to minimize foot traffic in their offices. Not all medical care professionals can utilize this as there has to be physical contact for things like dental appointments or surgeries. 

Dental Care 

A number of dental practices have witnessed their business being deemed unessential. All dental practices providing emergency care could stay in business. Others that provide cleanings with other non-emergency procedures saw a drop in revenue during 2020. The jobs lost were massive although the dental industry has seen an incredible recovery. Dental practices across the country have all but eliminated waiting rooms. This is due to a waiting room potentially infecting staff or other patients. Patients are usually called into the office from their cars after calling to check-in. Temperature checks are done on patients and staff alike. Rescheduling an appointment if someone is running a temperature might not be convenient but it is the right thing to do. Whether you are seeing a dentist in Fuquay Varina or Raleigh, you need to check their policies that have changed. 

Robotics Entered Hospitals 

Doctors cannot be in contact with those infected with COVID-19 but can still provide care. Hospitals in Los Angeles utilized robotics to check patient’s statuses. These robots have even been outfitted with stethoscopes to heart rates and lungs can heard. Medication delivery on trays has also been a new tactic that is used with patients potentially infected with the virus. Hospitals have evolved during this time out of need with much more in terms of robotics on the horizon.

Medical care might return to some form of normalcy after vaccines have been created. There are some changes that will stick around as virtual appointments provide ultimate convenience to patients. Do not neglect your health during this time as there are other options that you might not be aware of. Contacting your healthcare providers can allow you to see what options you have instead of going into a healthcare facility.