New Honor 70: What’s New?

In the era of technology, smartphones have become as essential to humans as food. Exploring the big world is now a step away. All you have to do is click on your phone and voila it’s all there. It has made the fast-growing world so reachable that now we can get connected anywhere in this world.

From checking out different places, and talking to far-away loved ones, that one-click away movie or popular series is what anyone could have wished for. Capturing your favorite moments with a good-resolution smartphone and storing endless memories is what we cherish the most. 

The new smartphone series has replaced so many devices like DSLRs, and top-notch editing systems. The extraordinary resolution has made it easier for people to capture their beautiful moments without a hustle. So many emerging skills have been introduced just because of these smartphones like vlogging, social media influencers, and much more. 

With the fast-moving world of technology and smartphones, the new honor 70 is making its way across the globe after it was first launched in China on May 30th, 2022. With time, new designs and models of smartphones are being introduced and the new honor 70 went on full sale on 2nd September 2022. 


Affluent Design:

The new honor 70 is the basic yet impressive set launched. It has a slim and sleek design and weighs around 178gms. It has a 7.91mm thickness and a 120 Hz OLED display with curved edges, this design makes the mobile look more slimmer and affluent. This design prevails in a class even being mid-range. 

Camera Features:

New Honor 70 has an axisymmetric dual camera ring setup. The most impressive feature of the new Honor 70 is its focus on the camera. This feature is beneficial from both hardware and software perspectives. It is a promising feature for vloggers for the sole cut and picture-in-picture mode.

Ultra-Wide Camera:

It has a 54MP Sony IMX800 main video camera which means it has a good camera result in low light. It also comprises an Ultra-Wide camera which is 50MP 122 degrees wide. 

It is also capable of apprehending videos with a resolution of up to 4k at 30 FPS. 

Solo cut Mode:

Focusing more on the solo cut feature is exciting for the content creator as it enables the enjoyer to focus on a person in the video when there is more than one person in the video. The solo cut mode follows that person, which is pointed in the frame.

The part that makes this mode more interesting is that it will follow the person throughout the video even if the person comes out of the frame and enters back into it. The algorithm of this feature is that it recognizes through the clothing’s color and facial characteristics which is helpful for the vloggers as sometimes they have many people at the same time in a video. 

Battery Life:

The necessity of today’s mobile user is its battery life. Design and other features are important but long battery life is a necessity now. The new honor 70 comes with a 4800 mAh battery that can last up to one and a half days without being charged. What is more fantastic than this plus it only takes 20 minutes to get back its 50% of the battery. 


The new honor 70 consists of the market’s best chipsets powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 778G+ 5G mid-range segment. Paired with 8GB of RAM, with internal storage of 128 or 256GB, which is a good feature for gamers. 

Miscellaneous Features:

The new honor provides its users with some added features like an App market, game center, Honor search, and Honor themes. 

Striking Colors:

The new honor appears in four striking colors Crystal Silver, Midnight Black, Emerald Green, and Icelandic Frost.


The new honor 70 is quite a mid-range but affluent smartphone set which is available for 1,990 RM.

Honor 70: It’s All That You Need:

Honor always tries to make smartphones budget friendly and durable for its consumers. Battery life has always been the top priority of honor. Making the mobile lighter in weight and desirable structure is the key purpose of the honor series. The camera features are always the main target to make the honor series the best of all. 

With the upscale color and design, long battery life, extensive internal storage, excellent camera features, and classy look, how come one can’t select any other mobile model? Go get yourself the new honor 70 with so many new features.