PDO Threads: A Non-Surgical Facelift Alternative Explained

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You may consider a facelift if you feel unhappy with your appearance due to wrinkled, sagging skin. However, a complete surgical facelift is a major procedure with significant downtime and potential complications.

The PDO threads procedure may be your best option if you are searching for a less invasive alternative to a surgical facelift. This blog will explore how the process works and the results you can expect.

About PDO Threads

PDO threads are non-invasive, non-surgical treatments that help to reverse signs of aging. PDO is short for polydioxanone, a commonly used substance in dissolvable surgical sutures.

Since the procedure uses only local anesthetic, patients not eligible for traditional facelifts can often undergo a PDO thread lift without complications.

Patients aged 30 to 50 with minor to moderate skin sagging see the best results from PDO thread lifts.

How PDO Threads Works

A practitioner inserts the dissolvable threads through tiny incisions under the patient’s skin, using a cannula to deliver them precisely. After inserting the threads, the practitioner tightens them and pulls them back. This step lifts and reinforces sagging skin, giving the patient a more youthful appearance.

The body treats the inserted threads as an injury, jump-starting the natural healing process. The body will produce more collagen, directing it toward the threads as they dissolve. Collagen is the primary protein that protects skin from signs of aging. The combined effect of the threads and increased collagen allows the results to develop over a few weeks.

The PDO threads process works on all facial areas, including the cheeks, forehead, jaw, brows, neck, and jawline, providing a comprehensive solution for facial rejuvenation. Additionally, practitioners have the flexibility to treat multiple places simultaneously, optimizing the efficiency of the procedure and delivering more cohesive and harmonious results.

Advantages of PDO Threads

  • Fast procedure with instantly visible results
  • Full results take 10 to 14 days to develop
  • Only local anesthesia is required
  • Low risk of complications
  • Results last about 18 months, with the threads dissolving in about 6 to 12 months
  • Repeat procedures are possible

Recovery from the PDO Threads Procedure

Depending on how many areas it treats, a PDO thread lift takes about 30 to 45 minutes. Patients can immediately return to daily activities. Minimal side effects may include tenderness, bruising, and swelling, which should only last a few days. Less common side effects include infection and thread extrusion.

Practitioners caution against rubbing your face for the first one to two weeks after the procedure to avoid dislodging the inserted threads.

Enjoying Your Refreshed Appearance

PDO threads can help you look and feel younger by reducing the signs of sagging skin. With a low rate of complications and a relatively easy recovery, you can enjoy the benefits of a PDO thread lift without the invasive qualities of a complete facelift.

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Emily Thompson

Emily Thompson