Pre-Workout Supplements Are Booming

The pre-workout and entire supplement industry over the last few years has grown at an astounding rate that more people need to give their attention to. Over half of all consumers around the world take vitamins and supplements on a daily basis, and in the US, some demographics and areas see upwards over 80% of consumers taking vitamins every day. Supplements of all types, from sports nutrition supplements and weight management supplements to specialty supplements and herbals and botanicals have all shared this new growth.

New blends with new ingredients backed by new science is promoting this explosion of supplements. Supplements have been shown to reduce injuries from workouts and help improve performance during workouts. New ingredients like Taurine, a major building block of proteins, citrulline, for improved muscle building, and beta-alanine, for controlling muscle fatigue are being included in more and more blends. Nearly 60% of the top 100 pre-workout products have at least one proprietary blend with even more new ingredients coming to the table.
Fast changes and new trends are signaled by massive growth as the supplement industry is about to hit $100 billion globally. Make sure you know the ins and outs of the supplement industry as it continues to grow below:

The Big Business of Supplements