Raising The Bar: F.H. Cann & Associates Leadership Commitment Initiatives

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F.H. Cann & Associates understands the importance of respecting their team, clients, and community. They’ve evolved this culture into one that is dedicated to creating a strong, respectful environment for those around them. F.H. Cann & Associates is so focused on providing for the community that they’ve crafted community outreach into their core values.

The leadership and employees at FH Cann & Associates are dedicated to staying actively involved in providing for their community’s needs. In the last twenty years, they’ve worked with a variety of organizations and are always looking for new initiatives that may arise. Here are F.H. Cann & Associates’ social responsibility initiatives.

Pulmonary Hypertension Association

The Pulmonary Hypertension Association, or PHA, is a nonprofit organization that relies on community funding. PHA provides those with Pulmonary Hypertension support and resources to support those with PH and researching how to prevent and cure Pulmonary Hypertension all together. By providing a center for those with PA to providing funds for the research being done to stop it in its tracks, PHA is dedicated to ending the suffering associated with the ailment.

Lawrence/Methuen Community Coalition

The Lawrence/Methuen Community Coalition is focused on bringing neighbors together for other neighbors. Their mission is to gather and dispense information, support, and resources from the community, for the community. 

Lazarus House Ministries

Lazarus House Ministries provides shelter, food, and clothing to community members in helping them through times of crisis. They go even further by assisting with the transition out of crisis by providing housing, health services, and work preparation.

Professional Women of the Collection and Call Center Industries

The Professional Women of the Collection and Call Center Industries is focused on providing a platform for women to communicate their knowledge to others working within the field.

Veterans Assisting Veterans

Veterans Assisting Veterans is an organization focused on providing support for veterans by those who know the challenges better than anyone – other veterans. They’ve dedicated their organization to providing veterans with the support they need post-service.

ARMing Heroes

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ARMing Heroes is a charity focused on providing Accounts Receivables Management services to military families. As leaders in the ARM field, F.H. Cann & Associates knows the importance of providing these resources to those without access otherwise.

With twenty years in the Business Process Outsourcing and Accounts Receivables Management industries, F.H. Cann & Associates understands that success is built on many platforms; the most important platform being people. By continuing to work with and give back to others, FH Cann & Associates is building a network of talented, dedicated employees all working towards a mission focused on positive, healthy success.

By aligning themselves with these other organizations focused on providing services for their community, F.H. Cann & Associates continues to grow not only as leaders in their industry, but also their community. Whether it’s contributing financially, communicating these important organization’s missions, or giving back to their neighbors in a hands-on fashion, they’re focused on assisting others gain the resources that they need to continue doing their great work.