Reaching the Next Level of Digital Marketing

Staying relevant and attracting consistent consumer interest as a business is vital to success. Modern marketing strategies have changed the game for many brands in this regard, driving success and increasing sales. Brand consistency and hyper-personalization are two of the most popular methods in marketing. Although two-thirds of all customers still do not get personalized experiences, following these guidelines is highly recommended.

Brand consistency refers to showing up with the same image, message, and values on all channels. This consistency helps increase the effectiveness of consumer interactions with the brand. Unfortunately, 90% of businesses see inconsistent branding in their content. This can lead to marketplace confusion, a slowed sales cycle, and a hindered ability to generate leads.

Hyper-personalization of products and services means to use AI and powerful algorithms to gather data on users. This data is then used to personalize the experience of each user, suggesting songs, movies, videos, or products that they might enjoy based on their activity history. This strategy makes the consumer feel more valued, driving sales and increasing loyalty.

The cost of not using these strategies is far too high to ignore. Many companies big and small have found success buying into these methods. As we continue to define modern marketing strategies, it is clear that those who take advantage of these opportunities will reach the next level.

How Strong Brand Consistency Drives Brand Success
Source: BrandGuard