Should You Bring Your Purse, Wallet, or Keys On a Float Trip?

several boats with people on a float trip

Letting worries about your belongings steal your vacation serenity is a surefire way to miss out on the fun. Imagine constantly checking on your bags at the campsite – how can you truly relax and soak in the experience? Anxiety can make us feel like we need to glue ourselves to our possessions, but that only adds stress to a carefree adventure. We understand your concern about leaving things unattended, so here’s a tip: pack light for your river float trip! Bring only the essentials for a day of aquatic bliss, and leave the rest behind.

Your Secure Storage Solution

We get it – sometimes, bringing certain things along is unavoidable. But if possible, ditch the heavy bags, backpacks, and lockers. Here’s why: the best companies employ a bus driver who will act as your security guard, keeping a watchful eye on the bus and everything inside the bus while you enjoy your river journey. Think of your bus seat as a secure locker – a place to stash your belongings with peace of mind.  Cameras are a great way to capture memories, but for this type of trip, we recommend opting for a waterproof one that you can keep close at hand. Remember, while premier float companies take every precaution, sometimes accidents happen, and the company cannot be liable for possessions you choose to take on the river.

Packing for a Perfect Float

Don’t worry about a thing – we’ve got your safety and comfort covered! We’ll provide you with a life jacket (PFD) to keep you afloat and a rain poncho to shield you from unexpected showers.  We’ll also have plenty of water on hand to refill your bottle throughout the trip, ensuring you stay hydrated under the sun. These safety measures are in place to ensure your trip is not only enjoyable but also worry-free.

Now, let’s get down to the fun stuff! Consider bringing a waterproof camera and a pair of binoculars to capture all the breathtaking scenery and wildlife sightings. Remember a lightweight jacket for those moments when the temperature dips and a compact backpack is perfect for storing these extras and any snacks you might want to bring along. Feel free to pack your favorite trail mix, granola bars, or fruits – anything to keep your energy levels up for this exciting adventure! By packing smart and staying prepared, you’re setting yourself up for an unforgettable river float experience.

Unwind and Explore

Float trips are a serene escape, taking place on tranquil stretches of rivers. The gentle currents and calm waters create an atmosphere of relaxation, unlike the heart-pounding rapids of whitewater rafting. You can simply sit back, admire the scenery, and let the river guide you. The variety of vessels, including canoes, kayaks, tubes, and large inflatable rafts, offer comfort and ease of use, ensuring a peaceful and enjoyable experience.

Most float trips last several hours, giving ample time to unwind and soak in the natural beauty around you. They’re the perfect way to experience the outdoors from a relaxing and unique perspective. With the slow pace allowing you to watch for wildlife like birds and fish, it’s the ideal opportunity for capturing stunning photos and videos. Don’t worry about rushing to avoid losing your camera or phone to rapids – the water remains relatively calm. However, we still recommend leaving valuables like wallets, keys, or purses behind for safekeeping!

Solitude Float Trips is committed to providing a fun, educational, beautiful and memorable river experience. The focus is on providing the best scenic float trips in the business, and the goal is for each guest to walk away empowered to help protect and conserve these lands for future generations.

Emily Thompson

Emily Thompson