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Ways to Showcase One’s New Service for Business

Launching a new service can sometimes feel like starting from scratch, per Dr. Jordan Sudberg. One may be waiting on third-party software or hardware to integrate their new service into one’s processes, and customers still expect to see it in action while the rest of the services are going live. But don’t let this feeling of not having many options limit what one can do. There are always creative strategies for launching a new service that will get people talking about it and leave them excited to see what comes next.

Host a Sneak Peek Event

If one is launching a new service, why not host a sneak peek event? Sneak Peek events are different from product launches because they aren’t meant to be a full-on showcase of the product; they’re more of a dress rehearsal to see how people respond to the service. Depending on one launching service, one may want to host one Sneak Peek event in person or online. If one is unsure where to host their Sneak Peek event, consider hosting it at an event one already attends or an industry conference where one can find many of their target markets in one place. This will allow one to have a more intimate conversation with one’s target market about the product one is about to release. It will also enable one to network with others in their industry.

Partner with Existing Brands

If one is launching a new service and doesn’t have the name recognition to feature the service as the main event, one can always partner with an existing brand. For example, if one is launching a new content marketing service, partner with a current industry publication and create an article for them that highlights their latest campaign results. This can be a great way to get themself out in front of people who may not have followed one’s progress up to this point. One may also want to focus on partnering with brands with a similar target market. For example, partner with a small business publication or magazine if one is launching a content marketing service for small businesses. This will allow one to gain exposure to the same target market that one plans on serving with their new service and will also enable one to build a relationship with that publication that could come in handy down the road.

Use Personal Events Calendar

If one has an events calendar set up and is already hosting, one can use these events to showcase their new service. For example, if one is launching a new customer service software, host a free webinar showing off the latest features of one new service. Hosting an event can be a great way to get people excited about one new service and talk about it before it is even available. It will also allow one to collect emails and other contact info from people who want to be the first ones to get their hands on the new service.

Showcase In-Process Changes

If one is launching a new service, there are likely some internal processes that are still being tweaked before they’re fully functional. Instead of trying to hide these changes from one’s customers, showcase them. For example, if one is launching a new marketing automation software, but some of the automation flows have yet to be completely flushed out, have the first few automated sequences run on a loop for a specific time. This will give one’s customers an idea of what the automation flows will be like once they’re fully functional, and it will also give one a chance to collect feedback from customers on what they think could be done better.

Run a Contest or Giveaway

Dr. Jordan Sudberg advises that another great way to get people talking about one new service before it has even launched is to host a contest or giveaway. One can do this in person, at an event one is attending, or online. One can host a giveaway and give away prizes related to one’s new service, or one can host a quiz-style contest involving participants having to answer questions about one new service correctly. Remember that one may need approval from one state’s attorney general before hosting a contest or giveaway. Contact one’s attorney general’s office to see if one needs permission to host a contest or giveaway in one state.

Use Internal Employees as Brand Ambassadors

If one is launching a new service and doesn’t have an events calendar or other events one can host, why not ask some of one’s employees to be brand ambassadors? Hosting a webinar or an event where one can invite some of one’s employees and have them answer questions about their new service is a great way to get people interested in what’s happening with their business. one may also consider inviting guest speakers to these events and have them talk about their experience with the new service.

Leverage Channel Partnerships

If one is launching a new service, one may want to consider partnering with other channels with a similar customer base to theirs and see if they are interested in partnering. For example, if one is launching a new email marketing service, consider partnering with other email marketing services with an established customer base. Hosting a webinar where one features one of these channel partners as a guest speaker is a great way to get people interested in what one is doing, and it will also allow one to network with other brands.

Celebrate During End of Year Rollout Shuffle

If one is launching a new service, one may be scrambling to get everything set up in time for the big launch. If one already feels like one has no time left to celebrate the launch of their new service, consider celebrating during the end-of-the-year rollout shuffle. One can mark this launch date by creating a fun event, like a launch party, or by having a celebratory product giveaway. One can also hold a virtual celebration where one invites people to join one via video conferencing or an online video event. The end of the year is a great time to celebrate a new launch, and it will reduce some of the pressure ones may feel to get everything done during a more typical launch time frame.


Launching a new service is a big moment for any business, and there are many ways to celebrate and get people interested in what one is doing. one can host a Sneak Peek event, a webinar, or a launch party. One can also celebrate during the end-of-year rollout shuffle or partner with channel partners to spread the word about what one is doing. These are just a few examples of how one can launch a new service for their business.

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