Staying Ahead of the Tech Development Curve

The tech industry is one of, if not the fastest moving in the world. Not only is the current wave of technology seeing use by millions, but the technology itself is developing rapidly. It’s easy to see this shift when one realizes how recent things like phones and the internet really are. Yet even today forces like AI and other forms of automation are profoundly impactful.

For modern developers, a great way to stay ahead of the curve is through CI/CD. Expanded to continuous integration, delivery, and deployment, CI/CD is all about removing manual input. This means automating the integration of developers’ work, the bug testing process, and the process of public release. These are all effectively forms of busy work for those in tech.

Through the integration of these simple principles, typically through a platform built around CI/CD, developers can thrive. Utilizing CI/CD means more developer and customer satisfaction, more time, and less cost. Top level developers see these processes as a necessity. Continuous integration in particular, the process of combining branches of development, is very effective. 

Developers who make use of CI/CD will not instantly become the most effective and impressive in the industry. The role of CI/CD is in the realm of efficiency and ease. For a team that has the work ethic and skill to get something done, they’ll do it better and quicker. For a team that is struggling to make things work, it will be nice, but inconsequential. Put most simply, to stay ahead of the curve CI/CD is essential, but only if the work being done is already great.

The Importance of Automating Your Mobile CI/CD Pipeline