The Advantages of a Two-Stage Gas Compressor

motor of a gas compressor

Single-stage gas compressors are used for a range of applications, and they do just fine. But when there isn’t enough discharge pressure being created, it’s at this point that a two-stage compressor needs to be brought in.

Yes, running a two-stage system is more costly, and doing so requires more equipment and is complicated too. But there’s really no other way to get a high-discharge pressure.

But these compressors can handle acidic, sour, and heavy hydrocarbon gas streams effectively, and there are a few more reasons why these two-stage compressors are preferred. Let’s see all the advantages of using a two-stage compressor in the sections below.

Combining High- And Low-Pressure Compressors

Two-stage gas compressors combine the best of both worlds in that they utilize both high- and low-pressure compressors. This combination makes them excellent at discharging a high amount of pressure. These two compressors are flow-matched, meaning two compression stages can be enabled with just one drive. The compressors are both coupled together and coupled to a drive. This allows both stages to operate at the same speed. Both stages take the same amount of time. Both stages take the same amount of time.

Reliable & Efficient

Two-stage gas compressors are not only reliable and efficient, but they can pump gas up further distances as well. A two-stage system can easily pressurize gas up to 200 psi, and when being used as a vacuum, it can achieve a vacuum level of 0.7 psia.

The efficiency of a two-stage gas compressor is also determined by the ability it has to convert input energy into the energy of pressure without losing energy.


One of the best things about a stage-two gas compressor is that you can get one custom-built for your unique situation. You just have to know:

  • What the system will be used for
  • What kind of gas will be pumped through it
  • What level of pressure will be needed
  • The compression ratio
  • Where the device will be installed
  • Suction and discharge temperatures
  • Capacity needed

If a two-stage system is what your business needs, getting one custom-built is the way to go; this way, all your needs are addressed.

Note: Keep in mind that these systems are relatively new and complex, meaning installation and maintenance costs are both somewhat high.

High Pressure Without the Heat

One of the key benefits of using a two-stage compressor is that you can achieve the high pressurization without generating a lot of heat. The low-level heat generation is a result of the two compressors working together.


A two-stage system operating at a low level won’t suck up as much energy as one operating at a higher level. And despite its longer cooling cycle, a two-stage system will run at a low level most of the time and not use much energy.

Durable & Easy to Maintain

These machines are durable, and it’s easy to drain the tank and perform other maintenance. A two-stage compressor will help a pipeline stay insulated and efficient.

Ro-Flo Compressors manufactures both high- and low-pressure gas compressors, and they custom-build compressors using high-tech tools, leading methods, and the best experts.

Sarah Ross

Sarah Ross