The Dos and Don’ts of a Successful Real Estate Open House

The Dos and Don'ts of a Successful Real Estate Open House

Open houses are a crucial component of a successful home sales pitch. Personally, touring a home is one of the most exciting aspects of home-buying. Studies reveal that 45% of home buyers attend open houses when searching for a house. Additionally, on average, open houses sell for $9,000 more than the market price.

Through Open houses, potential buyers examine a home closely to see if it is the right fit. They get to explore the house layout and inspect the bedrooms, finishes, property location, and damages, among many other things. Buyers also interact with the seller or agent in case of any issues.

Open houses boost exposure on your property. This provides you with new buyer leads, improving the chances of selling the home. Here are dos and don’ts that you should follow to have a successful real estate open house.

Do Advertise the Open House

Advertising and marketing are crucial if you need people to be aware of your open house for them to attend. Potential buyers can find open houses through their real estate agents, who will probably take the lead in promoting your open house through social media ads on Facebook and Instagram, lawn signs, postcards sent by mail, and multiple listing services (MLS) and websites.

Don’t Use Synthetic Fragrances

Under no circumstances should you apply an air freshener or fragrances as it can be a significant turnoff to potential customers. Many people are allergic to artificial smells, and not everyone enjoys the same smell as you.

Do Prepare the Premises for the Open House

Before staging your home to prospective buyers, make sure your house is clean from top to bottom. Clean your stained carpet, remove cobwebs, dust the ceiling fans, degrease the oven vent and wipe down the windows, among many other things. Trim the grass, plant flowers, repaint the front door if necessary, and fix any problems or damages.

In addition to cleaning, the home should also be de-cluttered to make the rooms more spacious. Make sure all personal belongings are stored away as buyers want to see themselves living in your home. Ensure that your cabinets, drawers, and closets are clean and organized. Make sure you also leave the garage and basement as empty as possible.

Don’t Host at the Wrong Time

Open houses are best carried out on weekends during the day (between 11 am to 5 pm). The weekdays are too hectic for house hunters to attend an open house because of work, school, or other errands. Additionally, avoid holding an open house in bad weather, such as snow or rain. Other times to avoid are holidays and significant sporting occasions like the Super Bowl.

Do Have Property Description Sheets Available

Making property description sheets available at your open house is vital when it comes to engaging and generating the interest of prospective buyers. You and your agent should provide high-quality flyers highlighting your house’s main selling elements and distinctive aspects, make financing options available in brochures and pamphlets so that customers can easily calculate their monthly mortgage payments, and displaying all relevant documentation like inspection reports, proof of significant repairs, warranties, and blueprints.

There is a lot of work that is undertaken when it comes to hosting a successful open house. Being aware of the following do’s and don’ts will assist you in making the most of these occasions and move closer to finding the ideal buyer for your property.