The Modern Subscription Boom

Few things have gained as much importance as practicality in the last few years. The convenience of phones, computers, the internet, and transportation are more desired than ever. Consequently capitalizing on this desire for convenience has become incredibly popular. Subscriptions are just one example of how services and products have changed towards this end.

The most obvious and recent example comes in streaming services. Companies like Netflix and Hulu have dominated an entire market through their subscription models. A similar revolution of commerce has occurred in music and now is beginning in gaming. Although subscriptions exist in much more than these limited industries.

Amazon Prime, for example, is one of the biggest subscription services in existence. For anyone buying off of Amazon even somewhat regularly it’s simply a great cost effective purchase. Sam’s Club and Costco also represent a subscription where its effectiveness comes from its use. 

Subscriptions saw a big boom during COVID. People, even now, want to go out less than before. The practicality offered by delivered products, be them necessary or not, is appealing. Now there are subscriptions for necessities like food and toiletries, but also themed monthly boxes of decorations or other pleasantries. 

These are just a few of the biggest and most popular examples, but countless industries are now utilizing subscriptions. Currently the balance between consumers and businesses being happy is met, but that may be subject to change. What’s certain is that subscriptions are here to stay.

Data shows subscriptions are here to stay