Meeting the Demands of Tomorrow with Remote Work

After the surge of remote work opportunities triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, there was never a true return to the office. In 2023, approximately 40% of U.S. employees still work remotely at least once a week, especially those in tech and business fields. Although the number of people who primarily work from home has drastically decreased since 2020, there are still remote work opportunities in nearly every state.

The benefits that working from home presents for workers and employees cannot be denied. Teams that work from home save precious time and money on commute and preparation. They are granted more flexibility and freedom in their work, increasing workplace happiness and allowing for more personal time spent with friends and family. Employers also reap the benefits of remote work. Employees are more enticed to show up to work, boosting productivity, lowering turnover, and overall improving the efficiency of the company.

Survey data shows that nearly 100% of people in 2023 say that they want to work remotely at least some of the time. In order to make this a reality, strong digital tools are a necessity. With the proper platforms, software, and employee tech support, the demands of tomorrow can be met in the digital space.

Return To Office or Work From Home?