By Wilson Scott

We all know we need water to live, but sometimes hydration gets boring. Drinking the same, plain-tasting beverage all day long for some secret purpose gets a little tiring after your eighth glass.  

Sports drinks and different kinds of juice aid in creating a little excitement inside your daily beverage routine, but this added excitement usually comes soaked in artificial flavoring, fake colors, and mountains of sugar. 

Drinking water used to be the only healthy alternative. Today, we all can enjoy Talking Rain Beverage Company’s fruity, flavorful sparkling water, Sparkling Ice. Sparkling Ice makes it easy to add excitement to your beverage choice while staying away from unneeded calories and sugar. 

Sparkling Ice beverages are only 5 calories and contain sparkling water,  real fruit flavor, natural flavors, vitamins, and antioxidants. All Sparkling Ice beverages allow you to mix up that one-note water Wednesday with refreshingly bold flavors that will have your taste buds surprised with each new punch.  

With so many to choose from (18 classic flavors in all), I tried to narrow down all my favorites to the 10 most refreshingly perfect Sparkling Ice flavors to date. 

Here they are in no official order because they have each held the title of  number one flavor at some point in the not-so-distant past:

10. Cherry Limeade

It’s like the Sonic Drive-Thru is calling you home with this perfect duo and one of Sparkling Ice’s most popular flavors on the block. Take the perfect taste of cherries and that zesty lime on top and you have the great taste that will go perfectly with a Chili-Cheese Coney and Fries!

9. Ginger Lime

This Sparkling Ice flavor will work for so many different occasions. With the kick of the ginger and the refreshing taste of lime thrown together, you can take this flavor onto the soccer field in your water bottle for that extra zing or enjoy it in a delectable holiday party cocktail. Perfect flavors for kids and adults

8. Crisp Apple

Apple juice was the only juice that you would catch me with when I was a kid and the Crisp Apple flavor will delight your taste buds just the same today. Experience those cooler mornings, those piles of leaves, and that perfect flavor to go along with any fall day and for any apple juice lover like me: Crisp Apple!

7. Black Cherry

Pretend you are back in that perfect 1950’s soda shop where the black cherry ice cream float was the hit with the kids and always came with a perfect black cherry on top. Combine this mouth-watering flavor with your favorite vanilla ice cream and it’s a match made in soda shop heaven. For a boozy kick, I highly recommend the Black Cherry Float recipe on the Sparkling Ice website. 

6. Peach Nectarine

When I think of Peach and Nectarine, I immediately think of warm summer afternoons, backyard barbeques, and picnics. I am obsessed with Sparkling Ice’s Peachy Dream Pops and they are a perfect way to enjoy this refreshing flavor. 

5. Lemon Lime

Welcome to the flavor of flavors and the only one suitable for that perfectly refreshing classic sports drink. No other subtly tangy, yet perfectly refreshing Sparkling Ice flavor will do when you are in the dugout, on the sidelines, or in the home stretch of that 5K than Lemon Lime. It’s Lemon Lime time, people!

4. Classic Lemonade

Step back into those summer days when you and your neighborhood buddies would set up a stand on the corner and sell mom’s best lemonade at 10 cents a glass. Sparkling Ice’s recreation of this perfectly tart, and always refreshing Classic Lemonade will make you think that you are drinking mom’s freshly squeezed lemons straight from the kitchen on a hot, summer day all over again. 

3. Grape Raspberry

Everyone loves grape Kool-Aid or grape soda! Now add in those tasty raspberries and you have the perfect flavor combination from Sparkling Ice. This flavor rocks you back to your childhood when you would get that perfect grape sucker from the teller at the bank when mom and dad finished their transactions. Grape Suckers + Raspberries  = A Refreshingly Flavorful treat any day of the week

2. Strawberry Watermelon 

If you are looking for the fruitiest, sweetest, and most wonderful flavor for a crazy hot summer day than look no further than Sparkling Ice’s Strawberry Watermelon. Juicy strawberry and succulent watermelon both get to take center stage on your palette in this perfectly fruity hot day delight

1. Black Raspberry + Caffeine

If you love Sparkling Ice’s original Black Raspberry flavor then you’ll love Sparkling Ice +Caffeine!  Sparkling Ice +Caffeine takes all the exciting flavors from the Sparkling Ice taste vault and adds 70mg of naturally sourced caffeine for the perfect pick-me-up. Amp up your favorite flavor thanks to Sparkling Ice’s new line of tasty, flavorful beverages. 

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