The Value of a Good Salesman

The Value of a Good Salesman

In the current business environment, salesmen are some of our most useful resources. They are responsible for connecting many people with a company’s services and products. They are capable of finding the needs of people from a broad range and meeting them.

According to Jordan Sudberg, a good salesman has empathy to understand the people he is connected to, and he knows what makes them tick. He also has great persistence that allows him to overcome obstacles and keep on with the task at hand. A good salesman has high self-esteem, confidence, self-control, and strong communication skills. These qualities work together to make a good salesman capable of meeting the needs of many different people.

The Value of a Good Salesman

Good salesmen have been around for as long as there have been companies to sell stuff to. Good salesmen are a commodity in their own right, but understanding which ones are worth their salt can be difficult. Unlike other commodities, however, good salesmen often significantly impact the success of their client companies. In fact, good salesmen, as a subset of all successful businessmen, are worth their weight in gold. Though they may be a commodity like any other, they can also be accurately described as a necessary evil, says Sudberg.

What makes them so important?

1. They Connect With People

Many things contribute to the success of an organization and its products or services. One of the most important factors is connecting with people and getting them to buy. The ability to connect and get people to buy separates the effective salesman from all others. People buy for various reasons, but the bottom line is that people can be convinced to buy things if the salesman does his job correctly.

2. They Understand People on a Personal Level

Connecting with people begins with empathy: the ability to understand and appreciate the way other individuals are feeling inside. This skill is developed over time and comes from a variety of sources. For some, it’s innate; they have it, while others don’t. There’s no right or wrong, just different. Regardless of the source, good salesmen are experts at understanding people and getting them to buy things.

3. They Understand Their Product on a Personal Level

One must understand one’s product or service to sell it effectively. For example, a carpet salesman must be able to connect with the consumer and understand what carpet is best for them. However, if he doesn’t know the type of flooring that is best for the consumer’s home, then he can’t sell it correctly. The same goes for any good or service.

4. They Can Create a Selling Environment

Another important trait of the effective salesman is creating an environment where sales can occur. This is best accomplished by making the customer feel comfortable and at ease with the salesman. This often involves creating a unique environment that doesn’t exist anywhere else. It may also be a matter of understanding what makes people comfortable so they can feel at ease when they come into contact with the salesman and his product or service.

5. They Can Generate Interest for Their Product

People generally make buying decisions based on value. If a product or service isn’t worth it, then it’s unlikely that a customer will buy it. Good salesmen understand this and use this knowledge to guide them in their attempts to sell products and services. The best salespeople can generate excitement and interest in their products or services by bringing them into contact with the right people at the right time, at the right place, and in the right way.

A Good Salesman Is Invaluable

The majority of a salesman’s effectiveness comes from his knowledge and ability to communicate advice, suggestions, and information with empathy. Empathy is the thing that drives a good salesman to be the best in his or her profession. As Jordan Sudberg points out, a good salesman is invaluable to any company. They are a necessary part of the business world.

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