Things to Consider When Thinking About Roof Repair or Replacement

Your home is probably the largest investment that you will make during the course of your life. But. it’s more than just an investment of your hard-earned cash that will hopefully provide exceptional returns should you decide to sell – it is an investment in the future in terms that can be measured in more than just dollars and cents. A home is a place where friends and family gather and enjoy the most important things in life, laughter, love and support. It is a place where one can find sanctuary from the often frenetic and stressful world. That is its true value.

However, as with most investments a house requires constant vigilance if it is to provide the returns that the homeowner expects. Failure to maintain the structure of the house will lead to damage that can quickly spread to the entire structure. One the most important parts of the house is the roof. Failing roofing structures will eventually affect the entire structure and can lead to water damage and even structural collapse as this damage spreads to supporting structures. 

So what are the warning signs that the roof needs attention – and how does the homeowner make the decision between repairing the roof and replacing it completely? This is an extremely important question as a complete replacement of a roof is not only disruptive to the lives of those who shelter below it but can also be extremely costly.

here are some hints and tips that may help the homeowner make the decisions that will affect the structural integrity of their roof.

One of the most important aspects to consider in terms of repair or replacement is the age of the roof. It may seem obvious, but older roofs are more likely to need replacement. Shingle roofs (common in the United States) have an average life expectancy of around 20 years. After this time the homeowner should consider a replacement. However, factors such as mild weather conditions can mean that only repairs are required.

Whether or not the home is going on the market in the immediate future should also factor into the decision of whether repair or replacement makes more sense. If the house is going to be sold soon then it makes more sense to repair problem areas. 

The effect of leaks should not be underestimated. If damp or water damage is apparent then it may be time to call in the professionals to do a thorough inspection. Water damage is one of the most important factors in judging whether a repair or replacement is called for. If the source of the leak can be identified and isolated then repair is the most logical approach. However, if the roof is leaking in numerous areas then replacement makes the most sense.

There are also components to the roof that should be examined for damage, such as guttering. Faulty guttering can usually be repaired at a minimal cost (some projects are definitely within the capabilities of the avid DIY fan). But again, if the damage is widespread then obtaining a quote from a qualified repair professional is the most logical approach. 

When deciding whether repair or replacement is necessary to first gauge the extent of the degradation or damage. If in doubt get the opinion of a qualified expert – it can save money and prevent sleepless nights.Source:  Kantuta Corp Roofing in Broward County