Tips for Buying a Car During the Pandemic

Sales manager and customer in medical masks doing elbow bump when greeting each other in car dealership

The pandemic may have slowed down how much some people use their automobiles, but it hasn’t completely killed driving. There are still those of us looking to purchase a new set of wheels, and to make sure that they work without issue, says Conn Law, a lemon law attorney in California. If you count yourself among the many who are looking to get some new wheels while the pandemic is still dying down, you might want to take heed of the following tips.

Know If This Is the Right Time for the Car You Want

Some people want to know if this is a “good time” to buy a vehicle, and the answer depends on what kind of vehicle you want. If you’re after an older vehicle, you can probably find it for a good price. If you’re after a specific 2020 model, though, you might find it in short supply and, even if you can track it down, it might not be for a price you’re comfortable with.

You Might Want to Buy Used

This leads perfectly into our next tip — you should consider buying a used vehicle. During this time, a used vehicle is a much more practical purchase, simply because the prices of all vehicles have gone up. This means that a new vehicle purchase is much harder to justify if you’re trying to be budget conscious, but a used vehicle will still fall within acceptable price ranges, depending on what kind of car you’re after.

Don’t Lease

If you were thinking this is a good time to lease a vehicle, think again. The typical traps and limitations that come with leasing are just that much more pronounced during the pandemic. You’ll get a much better deal in the long run if you buy your vehicle outright.

Stay Safe During the Purchasing Process

Lastly, you might be wondering if it’s safe to head to the car lot and look at potential vehicles, and the answer is that it can be if you and the dealership are taking the right precautions. Ideally, though, you’ll be making your purchase while limiting the potential for face to face contact. 

Most dealers now have the tools to present options to you virtually, and to arrange for test drives that forego any human contact. What’s more, there are strictly online car dealers who have generous return policies, so if you end up with a car that’s not for you, you can return it with minimal risk and money out of your pockets.

Paul Guerdo

Paul Guerdo