Top 4 Places that Car Accidents Most Happen

When you think of a car accident, the first thing that comes to your mind is a speeding vehicle on a highway. That is how and where most people think car accidents happen frequently. Well, that is not the case. Car accidents can happen anywhere. However, other places are more likely to be accident blackspots in Draper than others. For instance, the majority of car accidents are reported within 15 miles of home. That is why you need to be vigilant while driving in these places.

Below are places that car accidents most happen. If you need repairs on your car after an accident, you may want to visit this auto body shop in Draper.

Urban areas

Most car accidents are more often reported in urban areas than in rural areas. Accordingly, more fatal car accidents happen in urban locations. This is usually linked to huge traffic and the human population. Additionally, busy urban roads add to the many car accidents.

Parking lots

Most parking lots require excellent driving skills and attention for safe navigation. Unfortunately, most drivers are often negligent or easily distracted while driving in parking lots. In most cases, reckless drivers ignore basic parking rules and signs, cut pedestrians off, or back up without using rear mirrors. As much as parking lot accidents are not always fatal, they lead to expensive damages. However, when a pedestrian is involved, the accident can be severe.


According to one study, 40% of accidents happen in intersections. These car accidents are often associated with overspeeding and improper left turns. Additionally, car accidents at intersections are mostly caused by reckless driving, distractions, and speeding. Car accidents that happen at intersections vary in severity, depending on the vehicles involved and driving speed. Most injuries are related to hearing damage and head trauma.

Rush hour traffic

Car accidents are more rampant during rush hour traffic. This is primarily due to minor traffic offenses. For instance, some drivers tend to overlap during heavy traffic, leading to accidents. Additionally, fatigued and distracted driving also contribute to most car accidents in rush hour traffic. This is particularly rampant during early morning hours and late night.

Tips for preventing car accidents

The good news is that most of these car accidents are preventable. Here are simple tips you can use to minimize the risks of car accidents:

  • Do not be distracted while driving. For this, you may want to avoid using your cellphone or having a deep conversation while driving.
  • Do not tailgate other cars. Always keep a safe distance between you and other vehicles, especially those in front
  • Scan ahead to find out if there are any potential hazards.
  • Pull slowly when merging in rush hour traffic.
  • Wait for some minutes after the lights turn green before you start moving.

Car accidents can happen anywhere, and it is essential to be very attentive on the roads. With this information, you should be able to identify major accident settings and be safe to prevent any injuries or property damage. In case of an accident, find an accident lawyer to help with your insurance claim, and then get your car repaired by professionals.

Chris Turn

Chris Turn