Top Reasons Why Your Best Employees Quit

Top Reasons Why Your Best Employees Quit

It’s never easy to lose employees, but it can be especially damaging if you’ve lost your best ones. The top reasons why these employees leave are often surprising and preventable. We’ll look at the most common causes for employee turnover and provide tips on avoiding them in your business.

1. They Feel Undervalued or Unappreciated

According to Jonathan Osler, employees who love their work and feel a sense of purpose are more likely to stay with the company. Sometimes, employees’ responsibilities become blurred by changes in your industry or business. You may have taken on new tasks or decreased other staff members’ workloads without realizing it. Make sure you’re keeping track of everyone’s job responsibilities as well as how they’re performing.

Employees want to know they are essential to your business and value the contributions they make. They also look for an emotional connection with leaders who demonstrate empathy, understanding, and concern.

2. They Don’t Receive Adequate Training or Development

Career growth is significant to most people. If employees have no opportunities within your company for advancement, they may look elsewhere for a more fulfilling career path.

Employees want to know that they have a future with your company and that you’ll provide them with the training and opportunity to advance in their careers. Whether taking on extra responsibilities, receiving mentoring from more experienced staff, or completing specialized training programs, make sure you give them career growth opportunities.

3. They Don’t Trust Senior Leadership

To develop trust, employees want to know the truth from their managers. They need honesty and respect to feel confident that management is acting with integrity.

Lack of trust breeds a culture of cynicism and may lead to other negative behaviors such as gossiping and negativity about senior leaders. Don’t be afraid to admit mistakes or share that there’s a problem, as long as you’re also willing to confront the issue and take steps to resolve it.

According to Jonathan Osler, employees need to believe that senior managers are committed to doing the right thing and are telling the truth in communications with staff members. If this trust is broken due to ethical lapses or untruths, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to regain.

4. They Don’t Feel Appreciated for Their Contributions

People like to feel that they are valued and that their work has made a difference. Acknowledging and recognizing individual achievements and contributions is an essential part of job satisfaction and success on the team.

5. Lack of Career Advancement

Every employee wants to know they have a way up and out if they want it. If your employees see no opportunity for growth within your organization, they will begin looking elsewhere; or, worse yet, stay with you but be disengaged because they see no future in the business.


In these tough economic times, retaining your best employees is more critical than ever. To keep your best people working for you, offer them a competitive salary and benefits, give them opportunities for advancement within the company, provide ongoing training and development, frequently communicate with all staff members, including top performers, show that senior managers are committed to doing what’s right and tell the truth at all times. If you achieve this, your best employees won’t want to leave.

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