What are the main differences between CBD and THC?

Up until recently cannabis, marijuana and vaping products were available in only a small number of areas, however, in recent years, they have been legalized in numerous countries around the world. Taking this into consideration, it comes as no surprise that people now want to learn more about them.

Even though both these compounds originate from a species of the cannabis plant, they have different effects on your body, which is why this is going to be our main topic. This is something that is confusing for many people, so in the following article, we are going to tell you some basic things about them and also list some of their differences.

The main difference between these two is that a compound known as CBD is found in hemp plants and it is used to manufacture CBD hemp oil supplements. Hemp plants also contain THC, but in only a small fraction, which is why it doesn’t possess toxic influence.

On the other hand, marijuana plants also contain CBD and THC, but these plants, at least the ones that we use, are high in THC and low in CBD which is why they are considered to be psychoactive and are still illegal in numerous states. Telegraph.co.uk reports that there still might be some safety concerns regarding the products that might contain illegal chemicals.

Due to this basic difference, these two components do not only have different effects on your body but are also used for diverse purposes. We are going to discuss some of these, and also tell you how these substances interact with your body.

How do they affect our body?

When you take these, they directly affect our Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Basically, this is a network of receptors that get activated by a cannabinoid. There are two receptors that are classified as C1 and C2. C1 receptors are found in the brain, in the sections which are responsible for physiological and mental processes such as emotion, memory, high cognition, motor coordination and so on. On another note, C2 receptors are located across our central nervous and immune systems.

Due to the fact that these compounds possess different molecular structures, the manner in which they interact with C1 and C2 receptors is also different. As you can imagine, this is the main reason why these two do not have the same effect on us.

We are going to try to keep this as simple as possible. When it comes to C2 receptors, they act the same way, there is no difference, so we are not going to discuss it further. However, they do not affect the C1s in the same way. Because of its structure, THC can bind directly with the C1 receptors, while CBD cannot. This is the main reason why THC has a psychoactive effect, and CBD doesn’t.

Although they both have many health benefits, BBC suggests that many people avoid using THC and often opt for CBD products. While some love this effect of THC, others might consider it a downside of using this type of treatment, which brings us to our next point…


There have been numerous studies that have proven that CBD oil and THC have a positive impact on treating all kinds of medical conditions. Since we are going to mention only a few of these, if you are interested, you can learn about additional benefits on the CBDKyro website.

First of all, it can help with chronic pain. The effects of CBD have been researched for many years, and according to some results, many people stated that this substance helped them ease the pain. When it comes to using CBD for this purpose, the recommended dosage is between 5 and 10 mg per day.

Furthermore, since depression and anxiety are the two most common issues that people are faced with nowadays, it is no surprise that more and more of them opt for using Certified Organic CBD oil to help them fight off bad thoughts. It is believed that it has a positive impact because it promotes the production of serotonin which is, as you can, a hormone that can improve our mood.

In addition, this compound can help alleviate the side effects of cancer treatments such as pain and nausea. Yes, there are drugs that can help with the unwanted consequences of chemotherapy, but still, they do not always work. Because of this, people tend to turn to natural medicine and try CBD.

Moreover, there are many people that have been diagnosed with ADHD/ADD which means that they have a problem focusing on certain tasks. Depending on the severity of it, this condition is something that can greatly affect their everyday life. It is a fact that cannabis can improve our cognitive functions which means that it can help people who suffer from this disorder. Plus, it is considered to be a better alternative to other medications.

Also, THC can help with glaucoma, insomnia, low appetite, and so on. If unfortunately, you are dealing with some of these issues, and want to try this supplement, you can find the list of best oils on the Daily CBD Mag website.

A lesser known fact, is that CBD is also safe for pets! It can help with their emotional well being, and also help with behavioral issues. A calmer dog or cat can increase safety for the family and the pets themselves. Keeping your pets health and safety in mind can reduce stress, vet visits, and create peace of mind. See these amazing cbd dog treats here, and you are guaranteed to see improved health in your pet.

How to take CBD?

If you live in a country where recreational marijuana is legal, then you have a few options. You can go with tinctures and oil which you consume by placing a few drops of them under your tongue. Also, you can opt for edibles that are becoming more and more popular simply because they taste great. Who doesn’t love gummies? Another popular method is vaping, but you have to keep in mind that you can damage your lungs this way. Finally, you can go in a totally different direction, and choose patches that allow you to consume CBD through your skin. If you are interested in learning about how long the effects are going to last read the article on the Healthcare Weekly website.

To sum up, these are some basic things that you should know about CBD and THC especially if you have never tried them before. Clearly, there are some legal regulations that you should also be aware of, and it might be a good thing to investigate some side effects that these substances can cause.