What Does Recruiting Look Like Going Into 2023?

The recruiting and hiring landscape are ever-evolving. Year after year, we see changes in the trends for recruitment and different workforce expectations. Many business owners may wonder “What does recruiting look like going into 2023?” This article shares the top recruitment trends we expect to see in the coming year.

Read on for trends to watch out for according to several business owners in different industries.

The Top 5 Recruiting Trends in 2023

The new year brings a sense of new opportunities and the ability to start fresh. For your business, this may mean recruiting new employees to fill key positions in your company. Here are five trends that the recruiting industry will see this year.

1. Catering to Gen Z Workforce

This year, Gen Zers are expected to start entering the workforce in junior-level roles, which means recruiters may need to update their processes. Recruiterie says that Gen Z workers expect a streamlined and virtual recruiting and onboarding process. Speed and efficiency are important to these candidates and they will easily turn away from outdated or inefficient processes. Automation, mobile optimization, and good communication throughout the recruiting process are important to the Gen Z workforce.

If your recruiting agency hasn’t embraced all that technology can do, it’s time. Digital processes that are optimized for speed and ease will become a necessity in 2023.

2. A Focus on Diversity and Inclusion

Similar to last year, a focus on diversity and inclusion will be important in recruiting, says Qwick. Business leaders have come to realize just how important diversity and inclusion are to not only the success of a business but to job seekers. Tracking diversity metrics as a recruitment firm is important to eliminate bias in recruiting in 2023. Innovation for candidate evaluation tools will likely occur this year to improve the process of finding the best candidates. 

Workforce diversity brings new perspectives, innovation, creativity, and greater strength to companies in every industry. That is part of the reason why many companies will be seeking to diversify their employee base in 2023 by working with recruiters that understand how to be unbiased.

3. Recruiting Automation Will Reign, King,

TruPath Search says that in 2023, recruiting automation will be more important than ever. This is partially because of the influx of Gen Zers into the workforce but is also due to people of every age leaning into automation. Many recruiters will start investing in better recruiting tools this year to help speed up and remove any roadblocks during the recruiting process for clients and candidates. ATS (applicant tracking software) and other recruiting technologies can parse through resumes, make scheduling interviews a breeze, improve communication, and save you time on posting jobs to multiple platforms.  

4. An Increase in Passive Candidate Engagement

On Time Talent Solutions, a healthcare staffing agency says that engaging with passive candidates will become even more important in 2023 than in years past. When filling upper-level management positions, passive candidate engagement is rather common, but now it will become more common for mid and even entry-level candidates. A LinkedIn survey reported that 84% of recruiters responded that engaging with passive talent will be increasingly important. 

5. An Emphasis on Company Values

There will be an increased emphasis on promoting company values when recruiting says BenchMark IT. Companies will want their mission and values on full display for candidates to see. This will help with cultural alignment among recruiting efforts. Each company’s values reflect the culture, purpose, and common goal of employees. By using company values when working with candidates during the recruiting process, recruiters can narrow down the talent pool to only the potential best fits for the client. 

Now that you know the top five recruitment and talent acquisition trends for 2023, you can adjust your recruitment process effectively. You can use these trends to ensure that you provide the best experience for qualified candidates in a competitive talent market.