What Technology Equipment Can Be Hacked?

We have had technology for a long time, and we are always finding ways to improve it. It has made life easier for many of us and has created a lot of space for innovation. However, the risk that comes with using technology is that it can be hacked and can be used to cause chaos. 

When we talk about hacking, we usually think of theft of data or identity theft, but technology can also be hacked via software such as malware and ransomware. There is no shortage of news stories about corporations being hacked or invaded by malicious actors. 

It is not very easy to protect your technology from being hacked because there is no single way to do it. Instead, you need a combination of IT solutions such as firewalls, antivirus programs, and password protection for protecting your equipment from getting hacked

Plus, due to the myriad of different technological equipment we use every day, hackers are always adapting the way they try to get your data. Here are a few technology equipments that can be hacked. 

Smart Monitors

Smart monitors are a part of the IoT ecosystem. IoT is becoming a crucial part of our lives. Smart home devices, smart light bulbs, smart cameras, and so on have been made from this technology.

However, this means that hackers can target any device with a network connection and a processor to gain access to sensitive data or infiltrate networks. This includes your smart monitors. Hacking can be done by installing malware on the device or exploiting vulnerabilities in its software.

General Computers 

Theft of data is the most common form of hacking. Hackers will use stolen data for financial gain, identity theft, or sending malicious content via email or text messages. In fact, it’s one of the most common ways scammers and hackers can get your data.

Hackers can steal data through several methods like stealing passwords, bypassing security measures (e.g., port scans), hijacking computers (e.g., phishing scams), installing malware on devices (e.g., ransomware) for keystroke logging or viewing webcam feeds, or by intercepting unprotected wireless connections. 

Smartphones and Tablets 

Due to the growth in technology for smartphones, hackers can target the information on your phone. Hackers can hack your phone by using various methods. The most popular form is through hacking software, as well as through unauthorized apps. Although Google and Apple are trying their best not to get any of these malicious apps on the App Store through your phone, there are some that often get through. 

Luckily, Google and Apple, and other providers have ways to prevent this from happening. For example, encryption provides security by hiding the data from the hacker, so they are unable to access it without first breaking the encryption. Encryption also prevents unauthorized users from accessing data on your phone.

Security Systems 

Security systems for large organizations are often open for attack because they often don’t use the same precaution that we would for our computers. To protect themselves, they will have to reach out to an IT solutions company to help show any exploits their security system may have and fix them before backers use them. 

Cybersecurity protects data from unintended or unauthorized access by those who mean to do harm or cause damage. It is a combination of defensive techniques and practices that reduce the risk of attacks, so getting in touch with a company that deals with IT solutions should be on the top of your list when reading with hackers. 

Chris Turn

Chris Turn