What You Need To Look For In a Criminal Defense Lawyer

The process of being arrested then bailed out can be incredibly confusing and frustrating. The time to talk to the police or a prosecutor is not when you get out of jail. You will want to consult a criminal defense attorney in your area that specializes in your type of case. Some attorneys might offer full criminal defense services while others might specialize in DUI. Other firms have a number of areas that they thrive in so make sure you pick an attorney that you truly trust. The following are things that you need to look for in a criminal defense lawyer. 

Experience in the Area 

The last thing that anyone wants to do is spend money to hire an inexperienced attorney in the area. Even with experience in other areas, the attorney might not understand how prosecutors deal with certain charges or how judges sentence. The legal industry is full of favors and an experienced attorney can cash in a favor for charges being dropped down. Personal rapport or a relationship with the attorney makes it more likely that they will use this leverage. 

Juries are also going to respond better to an attorney with local knowledge, jargon, and is known in an area. A person from out of town could be seen negatively due to an accent or how they approach a case. Taking time to consider trial experience is a necessity as this could be the avenue that is taken. Plea deals are great but are not offered in all circumstances especially with a prosecutor that is tough on a specific crime. 

Personal Referrals Matter 

A personal referral in a criminal case should only be taken by someone that you trust. Calling a hotline is not going to allow you to have that mutual person that knows or has worked with an attorney. Attorneys that work on personal referrals can generate business for life from a family or individual. Your referral should work with the person or know their quality of work. A family member that was arrested for a similar charge then had them dropped might have the perfect legal representation.

An Attorney Within Your Budget

Case results should be something that an attorney can be proud of. A laundry list of dropped charges or great plea deals is something that they can share with you. The arrest and result can be shared as the identity of the client can remain anonymous. A person arrested for aggravated DUI then having a charge dropped due to lack of cause for a traffic stop is a great example. Some attorneys have flat rates while others work hourly. Your case going to trial can also increase the costs that you incur defending yourself. 

The criminal defense lawyer that you choose is important. This is a decision that should not be taken lightly as it could mean your freedom. The last thing you want to do is go to jail for an extended period of time when other options like house arrest could be available.