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2 of the Best Business Tools of 2019

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2 of the Best Business Tools of 2019

I’m going to assume that you run or at least manage a small business as the founder or partner. Fair? Then I am guessing that you could benefit from finding out what the best business tools of 2019 are.

As a founder of several companies myself, there are some tools I couldn’t live without. If you wear several hats like me, this list will be valuable to you in saving time, saving money, and save yourself some stress.

Tool 1: QuickBooks online

I’ve never used another accounting software. But this one is everything I need. I don’t use it to track miles, so if that’s something you need they do have it, but I don’t know if it’s the best or not. What I do appreciate is how everything is automatically categorized once I’ve setup a few rules about certain transactions I have on a recurring basis. It takes me about 10 minutes each week to review income and expenses and by the end of the year, I spend hardly any time with my accountant.

Tool 2: Google Docs/Drive

I spend no money on Microsoft tools besides having to use Windows 10 as my OS on my PC. I write all my documents and do all my spreadsheets in google docs for free, and all my associates can edit or view each item very quickly from any of their devices regardless of their OS.

These are 2 of the best business tools of 2019 that I have found, and would highly recommend them to any business looking to increase productivity, and time efficiency.