Four Fall Fashion Trends From Louis Vuitton And The RealReal

When you are looking for new style trends for the fall, you do not need to look any further than Louis Vuitton and The RealReal. You will find a number of different items that are on consignment, and it is very easy to start building a new fall wardrobe using these items. There are a number of outfits that you can build using these pieces, and it is very easy for you to start buying items that can be sent to your house right away.

The Platform Boot

The platform boot is a powerful thing to wear during the day because it pairs with jeans very well. The boots are very high, and they actually work well in bad weather like snow and rain. Plus, the pattern on the boots carries the Louis Vuitton logo that is very exciting. You might also find some boots that carry other patterns that are very popular with the LV brand. You could also get a darker boot that will look good in the office if it is a very cold day. You could even break out these boots for a fall picnic.

The Fluffy Cardigan

When you are going for the fluffy cardigan look, you can get distressed and flowing sweaters that will give you a loose fit. These are great cardigans to wear when you want to create layers. Plus, you can pull off these sweaters easily if it gets too warm. There are fun patterns that you might like to try, and some of these sweaters actually have additional accessories added to the body to make them a bit more stylish or to add some color. These cardigans may button in some cases, but they are pullovers when they use heavy fabrics or accessories.

The Brightest Wedges You Can Find

When you are picking shoes for the season, you should not be afraid to wear wedges if it is breezy outside. You may not want to wear your favorite Louis Vuitton wedges when it is raining or snowing, but you can use these wedges to bring a pop of color to your outfits in the fall. Someone who wants to wear fairly professional clothing during the day may choose a yellow pair of wedges to wear for the day. These wedges help you make note of the way the leaves are changing color, and people will give you compliments because your shoes stand out. Plus, these shoes look great when you go on a date.

A Bigger Bag

You need a bigger bag for the fall because you inherently have more thing to carry when it gets cold outside. If you are searching through the RealReal, you will notice that it is very easy to find larger bags that come from the LV brand. You can pick the pattern you like most, and you could get a bag that has extra pockets. Plus, you might choose a bag that has an open top so you can throw in your sweater or a pair of jeans when you will need to get ready for a date later in the day.


Due to the influencers and the fall fashion trends that you see above will make you look and feel amazing. You can completely change how you dress when you look through The RealReal to find clothes that are perfect for the season. Plus, you will notice that many of these clothes are a bit more colorful than the traditional fall styles. You can bring vibrant colors into your wardrobe along with fun shoes, bigger bags, and boots that will be perfect for the harsh weather in late autumn.