3 Crucial Reasons Why Every Home Needs Fire Alarms

3 Crucial Reasons Why Every Home Needs Fire Alarms

Nearly all house fires are accidental, meaning they can be difficult to prepare for. So how do people prepare for the day they forget to turn the stove off or for a wiring issue they didn’t know existed that causes an arc flash that starts a house fire? Most people choose to install fire alarms in their homes. Here are three crucial reasons why every home needs fire alarms.

1. Fire Alarms Act as an Early Fire Detection System

Did you know that the leading cause of house fires is something you may even do daily? That’s because the leading cause of house fires is cooking and cooking-related accidents, which are responsible for over half of home-related fires. Appliances and home heating systems, including furnaces, space heaters, and chimneys are also notable culprits of house fires. These units, which supply heat to your home, are obvious fire risks when improperly maintained, but unexpected malfunctions can also occur.

But really, those are only the most common causes. Old wiring, unattended candles, holiday accidents – there are more fire risks in the average home than one could count.

As mentioned previously, house fires are almost always accidental in nature. A fire alarm will sound as soon as it detects smoke, allowing you and anyone else inside the house to respond quickly. This valuable early warning could provide you with time to safely evacuate the house, or in some cases where it’s safe to do so, even prevent a fire from spreading.

2. They Alert People Who Might be Unaware a Fire is Starting

If you or the people in your house were to be asleep when a fire started, how quickly do you think you would be able to respond? Before the scent of smoke reaches your bed, or before the fire spreads to every room?

The shrill noise of a fire alarm is guaranteed to wake you up before either of those things happens. Again, this provides precious time needed to make an escape from a house fire – or to put it another way, avoid being trapped inside.

If you have neighbors, the noise will likely warn them of the danger also.

3. A Fire Alarm System is Likely Required on Your Property and Could Save You Money

The results of an unexpected fire are costly, and there is unfortunately no guarantee that a fire can ever be prevented, managed, or controlled before it causes significant damage to your home and assets.

Fire alarm systems are now mandatory according to building codes and safety regulations in nearly all homes. Landlords also often require functioning alarms in their leases.

Damages caused by fires or other natural disasters are covered by homeowner and renter’s insurance, and having a fire alarm or other safety alarms may lower the risk assessment of your residence. This means better coverage for your property, and lower insurance premiums too.

Nobody can accurately predict when a disaster will strike. However, it’s possible to prepare for one with a fire alarm in place.