6 Savvy Tips for Purchasing Scrubs That Will Hold Up Well

6 Savvy Tips for Purchasing Scrubs That Will Hold Up Well

Quality scrubs don’t have to cost a fortune to serve you well for years. You may have to search for a while to find a brand that works well for your needs, but once you have the right fit, you can stock up. Taking the time to purchase scrubs that will hold up is worthwhile because you will be able to wear the scrubs for years to come.

1. Shop with Vigor

If you’re trying a new product line, make sure you move around in the new scrubs. Make sure you stretch, bend, and squat to find any seams that rub. Your job requires you to bend, stretch, and extend all day long. You need scrubs that will do the same.

2. Check for Catch Points

Your scrubs need to move with you, not catch on your skin. Scrubs that are too tight in the upper arms will be miserable to work in. Once you start perspiring, scrubs that are too tight anywhere will make for a long day. If you have wide shoulders or if your upper arms are large, you may have to go up a size in your scrub top.

3. Review the Laundering Requirements

Keeping your scrubs clean may occasionally require hot water. In such cases, it may be best to avoid brightly patterned scrubs until you’re sure the fabrics are colorfast. A bright floral or patterned scrub top may look terrific the first time you wear it, but a dark background patterned with pale flowers may not be as bright after the first washing. Stick with solids at the start.

4. Look for Shrinking

Finding scrubs that offer the right inseam can be a serious challenge if you’re quite tall or very short. Once you’ve got scrubs in the right length, you need to be sure that your dryer won’t resize them. Review the fabric content and, for the first few washings, consider letting scrub pants air dry until you’re sure they won’t shrink.

5. Pay Special Attention to the Neckline

There are scrubs that can bunch up or move around uncomfortably at the neckline. You probably have to spend at least part of each day reaching over your head. Make this part of your dressing room checklist and carefully note whether or not the fabric bunches up, approaches your face, or leaves a gap between fabric and collarbone.

6. Check the Interior Seams

The seams of your scrubs are likely serge-finished on the inside. If you can find scrubs that feature flat seams instead, they will likely wear longer. The flat-finished seams in your scrub top will definitely be more comfortable over time.

The only problem that may be caused by flat seams is that they may take longer to dry. Make a test purchase of one set of scrubs and run it through the washer and dryer to make sure it doesn’t shrink up or crinkle along the seams.

Quality scrubs will allow you to focus on your job instead of the fit of your uniform. Once you find a manufacturer or product line that suits your body and your work requirements, stock up!