3 Great Ways to Reach Customers with Coupons

Ever since the first Coca-Cola coupon made its appearance, it seemed like having a coupon was going to be the new marketing norm. Today, we see coupons coming from every kind of company, and every product category imaginable. Companies use coupons for many purposes; to categorize their customers by interests, to close out excess inventory, and many more. It’s not uncommon to see customers use coupons to make purchases that they had not planned on, just because of the perceived value of using a coupon. With that, here are three great ways to reach customers with coupons.

Email Coupons

You can send a bulk email to customers for any type of coupon offer and easily attach a code for them to receive their discount. You can also take it one step further by making it a seasonal opportunity. This can be done by offering summer or winter items during those seasons.

To receive the best results, you should utilize a third-party provider that will be able to send emails automatically via your email provider. Make sure to have your subscriber’s email addresses ready. However, if you don’t yet have an email list at the moment, you can easily list one through your website in order to generate customer participation.

When you send coupons via email you’ll know how many of your recipients have opened and viewed your offer and contact, interested customers. The email sent can also be customized to each recipient.

Promote Through Social Networks

Make your customers feel encouraged to view your coupon by sharing it through various social networks. You can list items along with the amount you’ll save them. You can make it easy by having your audience click the like button and share it on their page in order to receive your offer.

When you share what you have to offer through a social network page like with a Bed Bath and Beyond coupon, you’ll have a wide audience that will see it and potentially respond. Make sure to have all of your limits and restrictions set up to avoid any fraudulent shenanigans from happening. Also, ensure that viewers can share and connect with your promotion so that it can be the next big viral offer.

Promote Through Your Website

Having a coupon to promote through your company website can be easily aimed towards customers that are new to your website. You can make them feel welcomed by offering a percentage off when they sign up for your offerings.

Ensure that your visitors can easily see your coupon offer by placing it in a good noticeable spot. Don’t forget to add your call to action so that you can be reached for details.