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3 Holiday Ideas with a Difference: Leave your Comfort Zone

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3 Holiday Ideas with a Difference: Leave your Comfort Zone

If you are more
than fed up with the annual resort beach holiday and would like to step up a
gear and challenge yourself at the same time, here are a few ‘out of the box’
holiday ideas that might appeal.

  1. Motorhome
    – If adventure is
    in your blood, why not take the whole family for a 2-week tour of your own
    country? A state-of-the-art motorhome has everything you need for luxury
    travel, and you have the freedom to go where you please and stay as long as you
    please. There are many benefits to a motorhome holiday, it is a great bonding
    experience, as every family member chips in to ensure everything is in order,
    and even if you do have a route planned, you can make changes at any time.
    Whether you live in the UK, US, or Europe, you can tour your home country in
    luxury, stopping at camping sites along the way, enjoying the natural beauty,
    and with solar power, you can visit really remote places and stay for a few
  2. Scuba Diving – Why not live aboard a diving boat that is moored in
    the pristine tropical waters of the Andaman Sea? Finding an established Thailand liveaboard operator is easy with an online search, and their rates are very reasonable and
    you get the maximum number of dives, plus they have beginners to advanced
    packages, and you can combine your PADI certification with your holiday. If you
    are an experienced scuba diver, you can join with others and plan a series of
    dives, with very interesting wreck dive sites that are spread around in the
    Andaman Sea, off the southern coast of Thailand. If you have no scuba
    experience but would like to learn, you can book a PADI course on a liveaboard
    in Thailand package, and make sure you have your own mask, snorkel and fins, as
    the dive tour operator supplies everything else.
  3. Trekking in Peru – This is a truly
    exhilarating experience and you need to spend a few days acclimatising to the
    altitude before you can start the Andes trail, which is spectacular and
    well-worth the effort. See Llamas and the smiling locals who made this
    mountainous region their home, and there are organised parties you can join,
    allowing you to make many new friends, as you experience the wonders of the
    Andes mountain range. Of course, you will need a certain level of fitness for
    such a trek, and in the months leading up to your holiday, you can increase
    your hiking distances, helping you to be ready for that high-altitude trekking.

There are many ideas for unique holidays and using Google, you can see
some great examples of adventure and luxury holidays, then when you find the
ideal package, you can make an online booking and get ready for an amazing
holiday. You might want to involve the family when looking at unusual holidays,
then you can select something that suits everyone.