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Small Businesses Are Getting Enthusiastic About SEO

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Small Businesses Are Getting Enthusiastic About SEO

Small Businesses Are Getting Enthusiastic About SEO

For many years, search engine optimization (SEO) has been
somewhat of a niche term that many business owners were unfamiliar with. These
days, however, small businesses are beginning to catch up to their corporate
contemporaries and are becoming increasingly enthusiastic about the
digitization of their businesses. In an effort to lure in as many customers as
possible, these small businesses are fueling the rapid expansion of the SEO
industry writ large.

More than one in
three small businesses have an SEO plan

Many digital enthusiasts continue to lament the relatively
‘low’ number of businesses that have embraced the importance of search engines
over the past few years, but there are plenty of reasons to believe the
opposite has occurred. According to a survey from Clutch, approximately 36 percent of small business respondents
claimed to have an SEO plan in 2019. While this supposedly-low figure is
contrasted with the immense importance of search engines as it relates to
modern commerce, this figure is actually a sign of immense progress.

When you realize that more than one in three small
businesses are already embracing SEO plans, it’s easy to see how the future of
the marketplace will be increasingly defined by these strategies. Now that it’s
becoming obvious that small businesses don’t need massive budgets to produce
cutting-edge content that will attract more customers to their websites,
entrepreneurs who previously dismissed SEO as too exotic or expensive are
beginning to reassess its value.

The overwhelming majority of small business owners didn’t
decide to embark upon the risky endeavor of starting their own company because
they were tech experts – they did so because they believed they could sell
products or services which would change the world. It was thus natural for them
to ignore SEO in its early years, especially because business owners who
weren’t tech-savvy couldn’t understand it. For many of them, SEO was another
marketing effort that risked wasting their money. These days, though, SEO
experts, such as YEAH! Local, have become adept at delivering
digestible SEO plans to business owners who know little to nothing about
digital technology, and in doing so have earned their trust and business.

Now that the era of social distancing has
empowered eCommerce operations, we can expect more SEO investment than ever
before. The vital role of search in the future of the
marketplace will demand companies of all shapes and sizes pay at least some
attention to SEO. Before long, expect many business owners who have
historically ignored SEO to embrace it as a useful means of obtaining new
levels of success.