3 Signs of Good Company Culture

A good company culture is vital to a successful business; you just cannot have one without the other. It can be particularly difficult for potential employees to choose a new place of work or make the jump from one company to another when they know little about the company culture. It can also be tricky for managers or business owners who are out of touch with the company to understand what is working and what is not, which will significantly contribute to any work culture.

Whether you are looking to switch jobs and want to know what good signs you are looking for before making a move, or whether you are a manager that wants to know if they could be doing better, read this piece to find out some of the signs that a workplace has a happy and healthy culture!

Employees Are Long Term

Nothing screams “Run away!” like a company that cannot keep hold of its employees. If there are consistently fresh, new workers coming through the door, this is a sign that there is not enough reason for people to hang around. Whatever those reasons are, are the ones that need to be tackled. This can be a red flag for both those looking for employment and those that are doing the employing, and in this day and age of social media, review sites, and digital word of mouth, it is not hard to find out that people are leaving from somewhere or why that might be.

Of course, there are valid reasons people leave jobs that have nothing to do with the business, but if you have many long-term employees that are still happy and progressing, this is a great sign for those who are serious about finding a place they want to commit to.


Transparency is vital in any workplace. No one likes to be left in the dark. It is one thing when those in managerial roles have to make choices that do not affect employees, but it is another when many changes are taking place and employees either find out through hear-say or not at all. Not feeling like you are trusted or can trust anyone in the work place is a fast track to burn out and can be extremely demotivating, which can also leave even the best employees feeling like they are treading on eggshells. This feeling alone can be enough to spur a change in a company. Employees need to know where they stand and feel secure in their roles to give their all, and transparent communication is vital for this.

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Development Opportunities

Many employees want the chance to be able to progress in their roles and in the business and be recognized for their growth. A happy company culture will often offer progression and learning, allowing employees to expand their skill set and not remain stagnant.