3 Times You Need to Consult With a Social Security Disability Attorney

3 Times You Need to Consult With a Social Security Disability Attorney

Social Security disability programs are supposed to be a part of the social safety net the government provides all Americans. While these benefits can be a lifeline to those who actually are approved for them, many people are not. Without them, they have a hard time maintaining a decent quality of life or even affording the basic expenses that come with daily life. If you have to deal with such issues yourself, then there might be times that you should consult a Social Security disability attorney.

1. When You’re Unsure How Solid Your Case Is

No Social Security disability attorney can guarantee you that your case is bound to win. However, they can usually tell quickly if you have good odds. They can also frequently identify weak chances early on, too. A consultation with such a legal professional can quickly give you a good idea of what your chances are in the pursuit of disability benefits. While you would ideally get to move ahead quickly and win, there is the benefit to knowing that you have an uphill battle that might waste your time and energy when your efforts could be put to better use.

2. When You’ve Been Denied

If you applied for Social Security disability benefits and been denied, then it might seem like the end of the world. If you have any options for appeal or second chances, then going solo again might not be the wisest idea. Consulting Social Security disability attorneys means you can have a relevant, trained, and experienced legal professional review your previous case for its strengths and weaknesses. Many times, it can be something small or simple that makes or breaks a case. Professional review can find and fix the problems with your case so that you have more chances of winning the second time around. It can even be something as minor as filling out a form wrong or missing a crucial deadline. Social Security legal professionals don’t miss these kinds of details that can trip up private citizens.

3. When You Absolutely Need the Money

In terms of success in getting Social Security disability, there are two sobering facts that you should be aware of:

  1. Two-thirds of applicants are denied benefits of any kind.
  2. According to the government’s own accountability office, having a Social Security disability attorney work with you triples your chances of success.

Social Security disability cases are very complicated and highly technical in nature. Professional legal representatives know how to prepare cases and make convincing arguments in the hearings that happen.

Key Takeaways

When should you consult a Social Security disability attorney? There are three occasions where it’s a smart move:

  1. Anytime you don’t know what your odds of success are…
  2. When you have been denied but want to appeal…
  3. Times you really need the disability benefits…

In truth, Social Security disability attorneys can help you in nearly any situation that involves applying or fighting for such benefits. This help can include:

  • Honest and objective analysis of your potential case in a consultation
  • Paralegals assembling evidence and arguments for your eventual case or hearing
  • Seasoned attorneys arguing on your behalf in front of those making life-changing decisions.

Those initial consultations are usually free of cost and obligation, so it’s worth checking out at least that much.