7 Tips for Choosing Pictures to Include in a Memorial Slideshow

7 Tips for Choosing Pictures to Include in a Memorial Slideshow

When a loved one has passed away, you want to commemorate their life. One of the most popular ways is by creating a memorial slideshow using pictures from your computer or family photos. Memorial slideshows are a great way to remember someone and share their memories with those who can no longer do so in person. They also make for wonderful gifts that the recipient will cherish for years to come! In this blog post, we’re going to talk about seven tips on how you can choose which pictures to include in your slideshow, as well as some helpful tools that will help you create an amazing tribute video!

1) Include photos of the different stages/eras in their life.

Include lots of pictures from childhood to show all the changes they’ve gone through.

Pictures that span over many, many years are great for showing how much they changed physically.

Pictures from family vacations, graduations (from school or work), birthdays, etc. are great because it gives a snapshot of your loved one’s life.

2) Include photos of them with other people.

Include pictures that show the relationships your loved one had with family, friends, and pets. This is important because it shows how much they were cared for by others! Being surrounded by love in life is so important to feeling happy and confident about yourself. It’s nice to see this by looking at how many people they were able to share their lives with.

Including pictures of them at family events, parties, and other gatherings is a good way for you to show how much they meant to everyone in their life. It’s also nice because it can help remind those grieving about the fun times that they had together!

3) Include photos of them doing things they enjoyed.

Include pictures that show what your loved one liked to do in their free time. This is a good way for everyone who views the slideshow to understand better how much you can appreciate hobbies and interests other than just going out with friends or family! It’s also nice because it shows off an important part of your loved one’s personality through the things they did in their spare time.

Including pictures where you can see what they like to do (sporting events, concerts, etc.) is a good way for people to get an idea of who that person was outside of just family life! Even if it’s not something super obvious – like your loved one’s favorite team – it still helps paint a picture of who they were as people.

4) Include photos of your loved one’s family.

Include pictures that show the relationships between all members of their family. This is good for two reasons: first, it shows how much they were cared about by others and second, it helps people get a better idea about who else in their life was important to them!

Including some vintage or old photos is a good way to show the history of their family. This can be especially nice because it allows people who view your slideshow to understand what life was like for them when they were younger!

Include some photos that have multiple generations in them.

5) Include photos that are meaningful to you.

Include some pictures that have special meaning for the people who are grieving. These should be images that help bring back memories of your loved ones and remind others how much they meant to their family/friends! This is a good way to show off personality traits, past events, or other things in life where your loved one was able to show their strength and grit.

6) Include photos that have clear dates.

Include pictures with a date on them. This is especially important if you’re going to include any in your slideshow with text on them! It’s always nice to show how much time has passed between events, and people can get a better idea of when things happened/how old someone was based on pictures with a date on them.

7) Include photos that aren’t too personal.

Include family pictures that are open to the public. This means no naked baby pictures, prom night photos, or anything else where it might be a little weird for everyone in your community to see! It’s always nice to keep things “PG” but still show people who they were outside what is normally seen as “family life.”