3 Tips for Hiring Medical Professional Temps

3 Tips for Hiring Medical Professional Temps

Temporary workers provide a valuable addition to your medical office. They can help get your office through seasonal shortages, such as summer vacations by staff, or help you fill immediate positions created during rapid company growth while the search for a more permanent staff member is ongoing.

Finding the right temporary worker for your medical office is important to keep your business running smoothly and keep patients and clients feeling welcome and comfortable. Here are three tips for successfully finding and hiring temps to work in your medical office.

1. Communicate Your Needs and Create an Engaging Job Post

Having clear expectations about the position for which you are hiring will help prospective medical professionals determine if they are a good fit for your company. Be sure to clearly state the available position is temporary in nature, and also state if the job may convert to a permanent position or not. Include information on benefits, position requirements, hours, the company’s information, and pay in the job post, as well.

Putting a sincere effort into crafting this job posting will pay off throughout the hiring process. A well-written job post can easily be used in a variety of settings from traditional print media to online content targeted to specific social media segments. There are online templates that can be used to assist with this process to ensure a quality outcome.

2. Target Your Ideal Worker

When recruiting for an available position within your medical business, do not ignore the staff you currently have. Posting flyers in the office or sending an email out asking for recommendations for the position could pay off with quick and quality hiring.

Reaching out to the local community is another great way to target temporary medical professional workers. Bulletin boards at the local community college or university can be utilized and targeted to certain departments. Local classified listings in the paper may be a source of workers, as well. Social media should not be overlooked as it can be especially helpful when targeted segments are utilized. For instance, advertising an available medical billing position to individuals in a certain metropolitan area with a background in medical billing would generate specific but limited results.

Another way to target medical professionals in the area would be to work with a staffing firm. This can be advantageous as they typically have access to a larger number of pre-screened workers that can be easily matched to your needs. This can save you time on both locating workers and hiring the ideal employee.

3. Refine the Hiring Process

Getting the right worker for your temp position is important. After investing in crafting the ideal job post, getting it to the right candidates and finishing with a smooth hiring process is ideal. There are a few ways to approach this process, but oftentimes, temporary positions have a more relaxed interview process.

First-round interviews can be conducted via email or phone with a few simple questions, such as reiterating the position is temporary in nature and verifying availability during the requested hours.

A smaller pool of ideal candidates should have been identified by this point and interviews can be conducted to determine the best professional fit for the position and office environment.

Hiring the right medical worker is important for business cohesion and also important for patient satisfaction. Following these few key points of communicating your needs with a well-written job post, targeting the right individuals, and refining the hiring process to go smoothly will help your business identify the right temp worker.