3 Ways to Start a Career as an Influencer

A social media influencer. Sounds like a dream job, doesn’t it? Sit there on the beach all day and just post pictures on Instagram and watch the cash roll in. Well, it’s not that easy and it’s much harder than you might think.

Sure, there are some influencers that are making a lot of money, but they are very few and far between. For every influencer making six-figures a year on social media there are millions of users that don’t make a dime.

But the opportunity exists and if it’s something that you are considering, you can take these tips and suggestions into consideration.

1. Be Active in Your Comments and DMs

One of the biggest reasons influencers put themselves into the position they are in is because they are highly likeable and have a huge following. They build this up through engaging with the fans and by replying to comments and answering DMs.

The easiest way to grow as an influencer is by attracting followers that will like your posts and comment. This is the type of engagement that brands look for when they seek out brand ambassadors and influencers for their campaigns.

“Make it a point to say that you will reply to comments and invite your followers to DM you,” says James Davis of call center company Staff Outsourcing. At some point that will be impossible, but when you are just starting out it’s the easiest way to build a loyal following.

2. Stay Very Niche Focused

This is a mistake many make, and they try to appeal to a very broad audience. This is a hard way to create a loyal following. Nobody is going to follow you if they are unsure about what you like or what type of content you post.

A random account will not gain you loyal followers. Pick a niche that you are interested in and stick to it. You will often see people try to post comedy videos or memes because they see that content performing well, but if that isn’t your specialty or focus it will just push followers away.

In the eyes of a brand, if you have 10,000 followers that are very engaged and view you as an influential figure, you are more valuable to that brand than someone with 100,000 followers that aren’t engaged. “Don’t focus on the number of followers you have. Focus on getting the ones you do have to be very loyal,” explains the owner of a niche-focused gun cleaning blog which can be seen here.

3. Treat it Like a Business from Day One

If you want to be successful as an influencer you need to treat it like a business from the start, and that includes conducting yourself in a professional manner, from being mindful of the language you use to replying to emails or DMs related to business quickly.

“No brand will want to work with you if you are slow to reply. If you are serious, then you need to have a business mindset from the start,” suggests Darryl Howard, owner of a medical practice that specializes in beauty procedures like nose fillers. Make sure you do have contact information in your bio and you might also want to create a professional looking website that tells brands a bit more about you as well.

Megan Mills

Megan Mills