SEO Digital Marketing Guide

If you dabble in online content creation, you’ve probably heard of SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization. It happens to be one of the most prominent forms of digital marketing. The purpose of SEO is to create content that ranks in the top search engine results page (SERP) for your niche. Let’s dive into this digital marketing guide for SEO.

There are several things you can do to optimize your content to rank high on SERP. SEO plays a big part in influencing how your content will be ranked organically in various search engines. Things like keywords, inbound and outbound links, and flesch reading scores all play a part in your SERP ranking. Let’s break it down further.

When writing an article select a corresponding keyword. For instance, if you’re writing an article about the best hockey sticks, perhaps your keyword or keyphrase is “hockey sticks.” Your keyword should appear in about 2% of your text.

Flesch reading score determines how easy your text is to read. When it comes to online content, aim for sentences with fewer than twenty words. It’s also important not to use overly complex wording.

Inbound and outbound links are also important when it comes to SEO. Inbound links are utilized within your site. For instance, an article about the best hockey sticks can include a link to a post about the best hockey skates. Outbound links can come in the form of affiliate marketing links pointing your audience to the products you recommend. It’s important to note in this SEO digital marketing guide that Google updates its algorithm based on search trends. This means you’ll have to stay up to date on current SEO practices to ensure your content is fully optimized. If you need help with SEO, try utilizing a plugin like Yoast. They analyze your content and provide you with a checklist for changes you should make to optimize before publishing.